I spend a lot of time using Facebook because I am much of a Bejeweled Blitz addict. It only takes a minute to play one single game but the challenge to score better than your previous scores and to do better than your friends keep me glued to it. Well, only a fellow Bejeweled Blitz addict can agree with me, I guess.

Having spent a lot of valuable time Facebooking, I realized I could have turned those hours into cash. So if you're into as much Facebook as I am, it might be time to monetize your Facebook time.

I am talking about one of the many applications that you can find in Facebook. You need to be logged in to your Facebook account when signing up for this app.

What is Cloud Crowd?

It is an application which will reward you for doing different types of tasks. It may be by:

1. Data Extraction and Categorization

1.1 categorizing websites or businesses

1.2 reviewing categorized websites or businesses

1.3 extracting words

1.4 reviewing extracted words

2. Translation

2.1 translation of an article or paragraph from other language (Chinese, French, German, etc) to English

2.2 translation of an article or paragraph from English to another language

3. Searching

3.1 Sing Songs

3.2 Look for recipe images or product images

4. Writing and Editing (currently no task available)

5. Promotion (currently no task available)

The Good
It pays from $.01 to $1.70 (occasionally as much as $5.00) depending on the simplicity or complexity of the task you will do. Though there are tasks which seem very easy, there are also some which will challenge your good judgment.

The Bad

The ultimate rule at Cloudcrowd would be: "If in doubt, SKIP". It is better to skip than risk answering it incorrectly which could lead to your task being rejected and in effect, your credibility, also reduced.

The Beautiful
The best thing about Cloudcrowd is that they pay you (by Paypal) the following day (except weekends), be it only be $.01. No minimum cashout and there's no need to request for a cashout. Whatever is pending in your account will be paid.

I highly recommend joining this as I've been paid many times by them.