Residual Income and Writing

Everyone has searched the internet before on how to earn residual income but most people don't actually work at it to achieve success online. To be honest, there are many ways to make money on the internet but the most easiest one nowadays is by writing articles. That's right, there are people bringing in thousands per month just from putting words together to form an article. I will say that writing articles is easy but using it to bring in money may be something to work at if you don't know what you are doing.

Why Write Articles

Why do people write articles or better yet why write them? It is because everyone needs something informative to read about on their favorite topic and because so many people browse the internet for answers why not make money off of it. Writing on your favorite topics could bring in great profit and writing on different websites can bring you more money. Most people write on different websites to maximize their income and to make sure their articles are distributed well across the internet. Below are some of the top free writing websites across the internet:

Hubpages- You receive 60% of Google AdSense ad impressions and make 100% of Google AdSense revenue, Ebay, Kontera, and Amazon from each article you publish on Hubpages. Get ranked by each article and achieve a maximize hubscore of 100 to get massive traffic to your articles to make residual income.

Squidoo- You make money from Google AdSense ad impressions, Amazon, and Ebay. The more articles or content the bigger of a chance it will show up in Google for profit.

InfoBarrel- You earn 75% of revenue from Google AdSense ads.

Triond- Once you write 5 articles, you will earn 50% of revenue from Google Adsense. Triond sends payments on the 15th of each month from the previous month's earnings.

Associated Content- You get paid per article up to $2.00. Writing more articles on this site will boost your chance of getting in the Google search engines and showing your articles through searches.

Ezine Articles- This is a free article directory and you don't receive any earnings but you receive top traffic to your other articles or websites. Great for backlinking as well.

Each one of the free writing websites are unique in their own way and bring in good traffic to your articles. Most article websites get indexed into the search engines very quickly and your articles will be displayed and read among readers in no time. Most of the websites displayed make you money from Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the number one free advertising program on the internet for website publishers and the reason why is Google is the most popular search engine and they have most advertisers competing for clicks. Hubpages, Squidoo, InfoBarrel, and Triond give you a portion of advertiser's money put into every customer's click. Associated Content pay you for each and every article you publish up to $2. Ezine Articles is free to use and receive great traffic leading to your other articles. So, with all the article websites combined you receive traffic and earn residual income from home.

How To Make Residual Income From Writing

Making a residual income from writing can be beneficial and with nifty tricks and a bit of research can make it worth while to work from home. Writing articles is an easy way to make money online and to write on different websites makes it a bonus. The more articles you write, the more content that is displayed among the internet. There are steps that you should take to ensure your success with writing and to make sure you receive income each month on your writing.

  • Make sure you have good titles for your articles.
  • Write 15-20 articles if you can on subjects that everyone searches for.
  • Promote your articles with other articles on different article websites for good backlinking.
  • Maintain your articles and always edit to keep any new content that comes to mind. Googe and other search engines love fresh content.
  • Make sure you consistently write articles to keep bringing in new content.

Making Residual Income, Now What?

Okay, you are making a decent income now what. The thing for you to do is to keep submitting good content and to make a blog or website about your journey to let others know about your success. You could also write an e-book and sell it to others to make money from it. Submitting posts on a blog or website will make your articles even more popular and make you additional traffic plus money. Making extra content about your articles will motivate others to do the same thing and to follow your content.