Earn Residual Income

Have you ever thought about having a part-time job writing and making or earning a residual income online? If so, do you know how to or better yet what have you done to pursue this opportunity? There are millions of people searching and looking for ways to bring in income that come in automatically in their mailbox or direct deposit. Earning a residual income can free you up from time at a 9 to 5 job, debt, and expenses that is hard to pay for on a monthly basis.

Writing Part-Time

Taking time to write and prepare your writing can free you from more time to spend towards building your residual income. There are many sites that offer services to display your writing and to also gain revenue. They will either give you money per articles or through Google Adsense. Either way it goes it can turn into monthly income. Making sure you have enough content on the web to display through Google results or any other search engine will guarantee revenue throughout your writing.

There are a few writing sites that I will talk about to ensure your way of making income from home. These sites are popular and get indexed on the internet very quickly.

Writing Sites To Bring You Monthly Income

Hubpages- this site is a great site with many features to get you going with writing. It has an editor toll to help you to build your hub(article) witih links, pictures, Amazon, Ebay capsules to boost your revenue. It also has a special tool to grade your articles and overall performance at Hubpages called Hubscore. Hubscore is graded from 50-100 with 75 and above to guarantee views to your articles and profile. Get 60% ad impressions and 100% of the revenue is yours, and any sales you make from Amazon and Ebay are yours as well.

Here's a big hint to many writing sites- the more articles you write, the more traffic you receive.

InfoBarrel-this is also a great site and the site that led you to this article. It has many different tools to generate revenue with Google Adsense, Amazon, and Chitika. InfoBarrel also places special icons of when you unlock an achievement like " New Wordsmith" or "New Commenter". It also gives you points each time you publish an article or unlock an achievement. You receive 75% ad impressions of which that revenue is yours and Amazon and Chitika.

Ezine Articles- this site is a great site as well but it doesn't bring you any money, it brings you traffic. It is high ranked and your article is indexed among the search engines in minutes. I use this site to bring traffic to my other articles. This is a great way to get traffic to your articles and increase your chance of getting revenue.

Getting Revenue and Ways To Increase Your Income

The writing sites I mentioned can bring your thousands if you dedicate at least 2-3 hours of your time to write articles. The best way to get revenue is by knowing your topic of interest and detailing your article so that people will continue to visit your articles. Write articles that you know about to make more articles for people to read. Increasing your articles in a certain topic will increase your chance of getting clicks from the ads that are displayed on your articles. The goal is to gain more traffic, increase visitors to get more clicks. When you have enough traffic to your articles, you will gain popularity to start bringing in monthly income. I will leave you with a few tips to increase your residual income and to only write part-time each day:

  • Always look for ways or topics to engage people into your articles.
  • Find more ways to bring traffic to your articles.
  • Write down your titles to upcoming articles you want to write about.
  • Link your articles to Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and other high rank websites.
  • Send updates to Twitter and Facebook to let your friends know about your published articles.