If you enjoy writing web content, you can build residual income. Residual income is earned over time as internet users find and view your web content. The site you write for will share earnings from your web content. These earnings are usually based on earnings generated by ad revenue. Residual income is different from up-front payment in that you are not paid immediately for your web content submissions. But, often the total amount earned from residual payments far out-weighs the amount that can be earned from up-front payments.

There are many place that you can write web content to build up residual income. Eight of the best include:

Sign up for the writers compensation program and eHow.com. You can begin writing immediately. Within the first month you will begin to see the fruit of your labor. eHow requires short how-to articles giving instructions for completing a task or project.

To apply at Suite.101.com you will need to submit samples of your writing. Writers are screened for quality. If you are hired by suite1o1 you can submit web content in your area of expertise. After you have mastered the writing style of 3rd person, you will be allowed to write web content in any area.

This site calls the web content you submit lenses. It takes many months before a lens will begin to perform well. There is no screening process at squidoo and anyone can become a lens master. Squidoo lenses are very flexible and allow you to post pictures and links easily in their publication tool. Lenses can be written on any topic you choose.

Associated Content
Associated content accepts unique web content. They have an editorial process and reject some web content. You can opt for up-front payment, but Associated Content also pays residual earnings, so it is a great place to build up your web content.

This is a fairly new website that hires news writers. Most examiners are hired to write news stories for pertaining to their local area. There are a few national examiners as well. The web content you submit to examiner is listed as news in search engines. Because of this type of search engine listing, your web content will get a rush of views immediately after publishing and the views will decline steadily. eXaminers are currently paid a penny per view.

Info Barrel
Info Barrel accepts writers of web content for submitting tutorials, how-tos and other informational writing. To earn residual income with Info Barrel you must sign up with Google Adsense. Info Barrel updates the views of your web content immediately, so you can see how well your articles are performing immediately. The minimum payout for Google Adsense is $100, so it takes a bit of time to reach pay out.