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In this article I want to talk about Pay Per Click Publisher Network called PubMarketPlace.

Currently PubMarketPlace provide three different types of advertisements to place into your website builder or HTML. They provide Text-Ads, Search and Ad Tag Clouds.

Should your be comfortable with embedding Adsense Link and Ad Units in to your website builder or HTML I believe you'll enjoy PubMarketPlace. PubMarketPlace is rather simple to use AND your allowed to use it along with Adsense on the same webpage at the same time. I would be cautious using the PubMarketPlace Text-Ads on the same webpage with Adsense Content Ads. The reason I point this out is because the PubMarketPlace Text-Ads and Adsense Content Ads look very much alike and that's against Adsense regulations and guidelines. What I do and recommend you should do is if you choose to create an additional stream of income when earning revenue with the Adsense program is use the PubMarketPlace Tag Cloud. The Tag Cloud looks distinctively different from Adsense Link and Ad Units. If the Ads look completely different then it's allowed to use the Tag Cloud on the same webpage.

I discovered PubMarketPlace a few months ago and I've slowly integrated Tag Clouds into my websites. I think the Tag Clouds provide my webpages a professional look and feel with added character. The Tag Clouds are action ads because they have motion. For an example you can click the signature link to view it. Towards the right side of the webpage you will see the blue sky with clouds strolling through and the ads floating throughout the Tag Cloud. I feel the Tag Clouds offer a nice touch.

PubMarketPlace real-time statistics help publishers improve their traffic quality. When you sign in to your account you can view the statistics for the day, you can view the Ad Units performance, sites performance and or schedule a report. It's easy to navigate through the PubMarketPlace website.

Here's an additional tip. Using Adsense Link Units and PubMarketPlace Text-Ads on the same webpage works because they look completely different. Adsense Link Units are in a class of their own. If you would like to see an example of Adsense Link Units visit the link. I bet many people know what Adsense Link Units are but for the people who are still learning, getting help from people like myself who do know the difference will help you learn much faster.

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