Making money online writing articles can be done in several different ways. Infobarrel is a terrific source of passive income for articles. Infobarrel is a revenue sharing site that many writers have discovered as a great way to monetize their article content.

Infobarrel has been a site that has experienced incredible growth for a number of reasons over the last several years. The writing site has an extremely generous AdSense revenue sharing opportunity for writers. Google AdSense impressions are the resource for monetizing your articles with Infobarrel. Infobarrel shares 75% of AdSense impressions for each article with the Infobarrel author. Along with AdSense, Infobarrel has advertising shares with Chikita and Amazon for writers. If you have an account with these advertisers as a writer your earnings with Infobarrel can be terrific.

Determining how much money an author can earn with the Infobarrel site is difficult to predict. Each author is different, the work they produce and submit to the site is also unique as well as how many ad impressions each article will receive will all effect how much in earnings an author can receive.

If you compare other sites such as Triond or Bukisa with Infobarrel, the earnings a writer can see with the site is great. Bukisa will earn you close to $3.50 per thousand page views and Triond will earn you even less. However, here at Infobarrel, most writers are averaging around $11 or $12 per 1000 page views. The money received with your ad impressions is separate from what you can earn with Amazon. Amazon provides a percentage of actual sales which is more money on top of your ad impressions received each month.

There are several articles that I have seen at Infobarrel where writers have advised how easy it can be to earn $5000 per month with Infobarrel with very little effort. If you are writing articles at the site and receive close to 15,000 page views per month you can easily earn $5000 each month at Infobarrel.

How you gain your 15,000 page views can come from a variety of sources. You can earn from several hundred articles or from a surge in several articles that receive an influx of high page views for whatever reason. Imagine that the more you write the more you can earn regardless of seeking out earning $5000 per month at Infobarrel or if you want to earn more.

There are many ways to optimize your earnings at Infobarrel. However, most authors that are seeing a lot of page views and earning consistently are directing writers to invest in Google’s Keyword Tool and using keywords and phrases that attract search engine traffic for your articles at Infobarrel.

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