Earn Write with InfoBarrel

Hurray! It’s a new world. No more jobless literate people. For as long as you can read and write you will always earn with InfoBarrel.

I have been on the look out for a profitable job especially coming from my part of the world, Nigeria, West Africa. I realized good jobs are hard to come by. So, after rigorous research, I stumbled upon the InfoBarrel website. I realized I could earn some reasonable income with my erstwhile not-paying writing ability. So, I decided to give InfoBarrel a try.

The most amazing thing about InfoBarrel is how you make money even while you are asleep or away on vacation. Your writings just keep spinning the money meaning some good passive income for you, 75% of your earnings on InfoBarrel is yours and this goes on for as long as you are with InfoBarrel.  You even earn when you refer new members to InfoBarrel as you get 2% of their earnings. What could be better? Now I know the next question on your mind is “How does one earn with InfoBarrel?”

Follow these steps and you are on your way to earning some reasonable passive income

  1. Signup. This is the very first thing to do. Do not worry; InfoBarrel is so user friendly that all you need to do is fill up a very simple form after which you will be required to confirm the email address with which you have signed up. You are now good to go. But wait, you need to tell us a little more about you in your profile. It is advisable that you add a profile picture and include some text giving an insight into who you are and maybe your ideas. Trust me! You will get more readers that way.
  2. Submit Content. I know you have a passion for writing before signing up with InfoBarrel. Now, InfoBarrel is strictly for original and quality content. Plagiarism is a crime. The more qualitative your content is, the more the audience you get which ultimately leads to more earnings. Ask InfoBarrel members like “DKrunner” and “AJWatson” and they will tell you what this means. Quality and original content is the key. InfoBarrel only accepts submissions in English language at the moment.
  3. Earn. I know you are probably thinking it is too early but that is just the way it is. Once you submit content, the next step is to earn. Every accepted submission is an opportunity to earn 75% of endless InfoBarrel income. Here is a list of the earning requirements.
      • Google Adsense account.  Sign up today if you do not already have one. You may use your private domain or your InfoBarrel profile URL when asked for your website address. You will get a Google Adsense publisher ID on successful completion of your application. This usually takes about 24hours.
      • Chitika. Sign up with Chitika now and increase your earnings with InfoBarrel. It is usually easier to set up than a Google Adsense account.
      • Amazon Affiliate ID. This is yet another way to add to your income as it allows Amazon.com to display items on your articles. Whenever a reader buys from Amazon through your page, you get a commission off the sales. Pretty good, isn’t it?

    Earnings may come in slowly at first. Do not be discouraged, it grows over time. You can be earning up to or more than $500 in the 4th-5th month. Your commitment to your writings is the determinant factor.

    Do not worry. Just signup with InfoBarrel today and you can thank me later.