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There are so many creative ways of starting a home business. No you do not have to have a lot of money nor do you need a college degree to start earning money from your own home.

With any home business you can start small and gradually build it up as you become more experienced. Starting from home is less expensive than opening a business from an office or warehouse.

You can start out in a small room in your own home and claim part of this on your taxation for power and expenses. These may be operated after the children have gone to school or even while children are on holidays, they may even help you.

Other suggestions for new home businesses to try are computer tuition, or silk screening busines working from your own home and in your own time.

A small amount of capital can start you off in any business direction of your choice. Do your research, learn information about your competitors and find new ways of improving on what they have to offer.

Another of these is to start your own wedding invitation business from home, instead of sitting around trying to rack your brain on how to get a job. This can be a great income earner, hobby or part time business. The decision and challenge is yours and yours alone. And you get to be your own boss wouldn't that be cool.

This is a great way for a busy mother with school children, or the stay at home mum or father for that matter. Anyone with a little artistic talent can do this with little outlay to get started.

Do not be pressured into doing more than you are comfortable with at the start. Let's face it; you need to work out how to go about it and what you will need to get started, before getting bogged down with heaps of orders. The size of your business will depend of course on your financial circumstances.

Start simple, and practice different ideas before you start to advertise. Also check out your opposition, this is a good way to see how it is done and get ideas for yourself.

You will need a sample book or sample board on the wall so people can choose or vary their selections of designs, types of paper and envelopes. Some may require a special RSVP card that the person can return.

If you are a good typist there are other ideas for making money at the same time.

· Wedding place cards

· Birthday invitations and envelopes

· Any party invitations

· Any Stationery requirements

· Type resumes

Things you will need to get started

· Image editor – Adobe photo shop, paint shop pro or both.

· Different Types of colored and patterned papers

· Scissors – plain and patterned cutters

· Guillotine paper cutter

· Scanner and printer

· Computer and computer knowledge

· Internet connection and basic graphic design skills

· Imagination, be creative and experiment with new ideas


Getting Started

Start doing birthday invitations for your friends and family to give you confidence and experience. You will not want to start with an order for two hundred wedding invitations before you gain some experience.

Advertising and gaining ideas

Word of mouth will soon lead to more orders. Use the internet to search for different ideas and designs. Check your local magazines, libraries, talk to friends they may have a few ideas for designs and wording. As you have your own printer design and print up some great business cards for yourself.


This is a sensitive subject, all though it needs to be covered. Never ever, take an order for invitations or any work without receiving a good deposit that will at least pay for your stationary. You will have no comeback if they cancel, and you can't sell them to anyone else. Yes they have other people's names on the invitations. What a waste. Now you realize why you need that deposit.

You are in this business to earn money so you have to be careful. No business will survive if you cannot cover your expense outlay. When pricing the jobs take into consideration that some invitations will need more work on design, cutting, ribbons etc. So factor this into your charges. Hand out business cards to each client to pass on to other potential customers and friends. Why not drop a few into the florists, bridal gown shops and caterers; after all you are all in the same business of weddings.

So do not waste any more time, check out how others are doing this and get started on your home business. Good luck.

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