Earn extra money online with Google

Earn extra money online with Goggle, it has been one the biggest earners for website owners since it's introduction back in 2002 . Goggle has been around for some time now and if you haven't heard about Googles Adsense program then you must be living under a rock.

The majority of users are all using Google as their preference when searching online, with this said, it is no wonder that Google is leading the way when it comes to search engines. Here's the truth of the matter the number one search engine at the moment is of course Google with Yahoo , Msn , Ask and so on. But lets not kid ourselves here, if you want to make your presence known on the web then knowing how Google operates and learning how to stay within there guidelines and rules, is a good start in your online venture.

Now how can you make money online with Google? well if you have been to other sites you may have noticed that they have advertising adds on their sites, as you may well see on this site your on now And if you look close enough you will see Google's Logo at the bottom of these adds. Now every time someone clicks those adds the owner of that site in this case ME (for a percentage) gets paid, it's that simple There has never been such a easier way to earn money online.

Hubpages is yet another free platform one can use to create such sites called hubs … just like infobarrel, hubpages will pay you a percentage as well for putting Google adds on your hubs. It seems Google favours hubs and ranks them quite quickly in the serps if it's a well optimized hub . I always stress that basic SEO to optimize your hub, infobarrel , blog, will gain that crucial Organic Traffic to earn you a little money at first . And as the sites start to age you will notice a gain in their authority for keywords that rank well in the serps.... then the money online that you earn will start to gradually increase.

You will notice how info-barrel has already placed ads on this site for me. So it saves me a whole lot of trouble setting it up myself. The cool thing about info-barrels is that you get 75% of add revenue as opposed to hubs which is % 60 – 40 of the revenue. If you want to know more about earning money online with info-barrels then sign up for a free account and start earning extra money online with any one of the above platforms, it's a great way to learn and earn at the same time. Reading emails is yet other option but don't think it will make you a full time income online , just a extra income on the side is about all you will get.