Over the years I have found various ways to make money online during times I needed it. I aim to share some of these experiences within this article so that ultimately I may assist others that are in a pinch to come up with ideas and methods that work for them. There are several different methods to make money online on the internet as well as offline out in the world that most people don't think about or think may be a lot of hassle and really aren't.

The important thing to remember during your quest to make additional income whether it is quick or as a passive income stream is to remember that there is no single solution that works for everyone. Every person specializes in various things in their own way and it is best to try to find a method that will work best for yourself and to not follow the lead of every website or book you come across that promises fast money or a get rich quick method.

Throughout this article I am hoping to relay the possibilities of potential income through various methods, some of which will apply to some individuals and some of which will apply to others. There are some methods of instant income that require personal sacrifice, and some that will not cost anything at all except for a little time and elbow grease. Follow along, and as always please feel free to comment or add stories and experiences to my list.

First, I would like to start with a passive income method I started using a few years ago that worked pretty well and brought in a few hundred dollars a month for me. My first foray into online income 3 years ago was using the eBay affiliate network. Using a pre-made set of two scripts I was able to pay $8 for a domain name that would later bring me in hundreds of dollars in monthly income. The two scripts are very similar in nature and both include extremely easy step through instructions for installation and setup of your very own eBay affiliate website. The scripts that I used were BANS (Build a Niche Store), and PhpBay.. the latter of which I know is still active and effective. With these scripts you can setup a website within the matter of a few hours that will fully automate the eBay affiliate system by creating a virtual storefront that is automatically and fully populated with a specific product from a category from eBay. An example of a successful store I had running was for iPhone cell phones, my store would go to eBay with a predefined set of measures and pull other peoples iPhone sales into the store. Whenever someone finds the site, they are presented with iPhones and iPhone accessories that they can purchase already filtered from the eBay database through my site. If the visitor decided to purchase the item from eBay I would recieve a small cut of the commission that eBay recieves, and believe me if it is a high dollar item or total ticket that sold it was a good bit of commission. If you are interested in this profitable and easy business plan, I would recommend checking out PhpBay for Wordpress, which also has a module for Amazon affiliates as well now (I haven't tried myself yet).

A second method of income that does require some scarifice, is to sell your unused items from your hoursehold on craigslist. Every couple of months I make a round through the house with one rule in mind.. if I haven't touched or utilized something within the last 6 months, I don't need it. I take these items and put them on Craigslist and even if I have to sell them at a loss for some quick cash. The beauty of selling something on Craigslist is that more often than not your buyers are local and will come with cash in hand, which gives you instant money and more breathing room in your home. It can be tough to sell some of the items you have because it may seem sentimental, but it is important to realize that if you are not using the item it is more than likely going to sit there and depreciate over time (unless it is an antique). Over the past 5-6 years I have sold over $22,000 of merchandise on Craigslist including one car. The money was always fast, and in some cases I was able to make some new friends in the area that are like minded and value getting good merchandise without paying full price.

A third method to making money easily is to do a Google search for focus groups in your area and applying to as many of them as possible. You probably will not get very many offers from any one group, or at least enough offers to consider it a full time income but you will get enough offers over the course of a year from all of the groups as a whole to make a good bit of money on the side. The focus groups I have attended generally pay between $40-120 for 1-3 hours and often provide food and entertainment during the focus meeting. You can often times schedule with the focus group holder to attend meetings during your lunch time or after work hours so you get some extra cash on your way home.

A fourth method is to sell a service that you are an expert in to others either online or in your community. A buddy and I started a small IT company serving the majority of our city with just a simple wordpress page and a few back links and within a matter of a few weeks we had more work than we knew what to do with. It took a few hours of setup, but was well worth it in the end. To broaden your horizons look to apply your skills on websites such as eLance or oDesk, there are several similar sites that you can search for to offer services.

These are just a few methods that you can use to get some extra money in your pockets any time of the year and with very little effort. Keep your eyes out for more posts in the future where I will pitch more ideas. I would love to hear stories where others found methods to earn extra income and if this helps would like to hear how that did as well. Don't forget, InfoBarrel is a great source of income also.. but more on that later ;-)

Thank you all!