Money can be earned by mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is the shopping of a business establishment without the store personnels awareness. Although sometimes,the shopper is instructed to reveal themselves in some instances,usually after the shop is completed.The business may be of any type.For example,a department store,restaurant or a movie theater and more.Shoppers shop secretly in order to observe management and other employees. They are instructed to evaluate the performance of their jobs.Also, the shopper rates how well the employees serve the customers.Shoppers may evaluate the outside of the building to check for items that are in need of repair or replacement. Plus, the shopper may check the inside of the building for cleanliness and for items in need of replacement or repair.Shoppers can earn money mysteryshopping because they are paid a commission to shop at a location. The shopper must obtain a receipt as proof of the completion of their shopping assignment.After the shopping is completed, the results may be entered on an evaluation form online. The evaluation form consists of questions that pertain to the specific shop. This is a required report.These questions can be very detailed. For instance, a question may ask the shopper for the name of a cashier and the color of their hair. The shopping receipt must be scanned or uploaded also. After the report has been completed,it will be reviewed. The report will be checked to ascertain whether the shopper followed instructions and paid attention to detail. When it is determined that the shop was done correctly, the report will be accepted and payment will be authorized. Payment may be made through paypal with some companies.While others offer the option of using paypal or direct deposit to receive payment.

Getting free stuff by mysteryshopping is a reward or perk of mysteryshopping.When a shopper is required to purchase an item while performing a shop,the shopper is later re-embursed for the item that was purchased.Hence, the item is essentially free because the shopper is paid their money back. Plus, the shopper keeps the item. Sometimes the shop required only awards the shopper the item re-embursement. For these shops there is not a commission paid. When a shop allows a commission plus a re-embursement item,this is a double reward. In this way,a shopper can truly earn money and get free stuff mysteryshopping.