Earn money from music
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If you have a good voice, you can write music using software or are in a band, in this article you will learn how to earn money from music.  You may ask how to sell my music online, and we will show you that as well.

You can make money from music by getting a job as a Karaoke host.  If you do a Google search for “jobs karaoke host” you will find lots of listing to get you started.

If you live near a big city like Chicago or New York, try playing for tips on the side of a busy street corner.  If you have a website, you can pass out your business card to people that like your music, and you can sell some of your CDs online.

Put your videos up on YouTube.  If you are good enough and get a serious following, you could make lots of money from just one video.  Of course, you need to put more than one up to get a following, but I'm sure you can figure that out.  Another thing you can do on your YouTube channel is to give music lessons.  There are a few other websites like Maker Studios and Break.

You can put your videos on your website and send them to an affiliate link.  For example, if you are playing your music on a video, you could send them to a link to buy your CD. The website’s name is Web Video Zone.

You can also put your videos on your website, write an excellent article with it and put Google AdSense next to your videos.

You can sell clips of your video content with video and your music in them to other people with a stock video service.  If you take a look at some terms and condition, you can make more money by signing up and selling your video stock to one company.  One tip you can do is to post your stock footage on YouTube with a link at the bottom informing people that it is for sale.  You can increase your sales by 20%.  If you put the right keywords in your title and a good description you can get indexed on Google pretty fast. Some of those websites are iStock Photo, Pond 5, Sutter Stock, Clipdealer, Wazee Digital, Alamy, Motion Elements, Video Blocks, Pixta Stock and Fotolia.

If your website gets enough traffic you can sell video footage on your site.  Places to visit are Flick Rocket and Pay Loadz.  Pay Loadz is a site comes with an affiliate program so you can encourage your followers to refer other people to you.

You can give a copy of your CD to various DJs.  Give some of your business cards to the DJ and if they get questions as to who the band is, you’ll get new visitors to your website.

Play at various gigs.  You can play at bars, weddings, and events.  Play at gigs is a great place to sell your CDs.

Partner up with other people in the music business and write a song or substitute for a band member that might need some help.  Networking can go a long way. Here are some websites to collaborate with other musicians online.  Web sites to find people are Kompoz, Band Hub, Cockos, eJamming and Zip Jam.

Start a fundraising project to raise money to record your songs.  The best websites to go to are Kick Starter, Pledge Music, Patreon, and Bandzoogle.

Enter a songwriting contest. Do a Google search for “song contests” and you will find plenty of places to enter.

You can get your music on film or TV. You need to get ahold of the Music Supervisor and send them your stuff. Sending an email is the best way to get noticed. When you contact, these people do not place your mp3 as an attachment in the email.  The best way to get them to open up your email is to put in the subject line that your music sounds like __. Keep your email short and to the point. One last thing is to do your research.  You don't want to send someone an upbeat song if they are looking for slow ones. In your email put a link to where they can listen to the song without downloading it. Make sure that you have a copy of a link to the instrumental if they only want to use the music. If you have a link to a download, make sure it is a .wavs file and not a mp3.  You could use a submission service to get in front of these people, but only 6% of all musicians that use a submission service get their music into film or TV.  When you find the Music Supervisor’s phone number, you could call them or see if they are on some social media form. The best way to find these people is to look at the end of the credits for their name or sign up for a membership at the IMDB.  You want to sign up for the IMDB Pro account.  There is also a book called The 2016 Edition of the Film & Television Music Guide that list all the Music Supervisors in the film and TV area.  You can also read trade magazines to find places to sell your music.  Those magazines are The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

You can get your music into video in games.  The best way is to find out who the gaming music supervisors are to see the credits in an already existing game.  You can find their names on the gaming websites.  To keep up to date on what is going on with games, familiarize yourself with these sites: Gamasutr, Game Spy, and Adventure Gamers.

I have found out through research that gaming music directors listen to Sirius and XM Radio to scout out for new people.  To get your material to these radio stations, you have to send a press kit, cover letter and CD to them. If they decide to play your music, they will contact you.  You do earn royalties for airplay. Try and get your music on other radio stations first and give them a list of who you are on:

Attn: Music Programming Department
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Billy Zero
Program Director, XMU
XM Satellite Radio
1500 Eckington Place NE
Washington, DC 20002

Put your music on MySpace and network with people that use and buy music in this industry.  Many radio stations set profiles on there, and this is a great way for you to network with them. You can also build up a good fan base as well.  You can sell your music on your Facebook page too.

Get paid for streaming your songs, putting them on the radio and selling them in a store. To make money with royalties you want to make sure you are signed up with ASCAP, BMI, and Sesac. I found that the best way to make money with your music is to go through a music distributor.  The best websites to visit are CD Baby, Distrokid, Ditto Music, Loudr, Mondot Tunes, Reverb Nation, Symphonic Distribution, Tune Core, Zimbalam, Record Union, The Orchard, iMusic and Digital, Ingroves, and Route Note. 

Depending on what distributor you sign up with you can also make money through Royalties.    You can earn money through Mechanical, Analog Public Performance, Synchronization License, Mechanical Synchronization, Print, Digital Download Mechanical, Streaming Mechanical, Digital Non-interactive Streaming Public Performance, Interactive Streaming Public Performance, Digital Synchronization License, Digital Print, Mechanical Royalty For A Ringtone/Ringback Tone and Public Performance Royalty For A Ringtone/Ringback Tone Royalties.

If you want to get your music on the radio yourself, just go to Radio-Locator.

Now you know how to earn money from music.  I hope you enjoyed me answering your question as to how to sell my music online.