Writing articles and earning moneyHow can I earn money writing articles you ask? No it is not easy it takes hard work. Be honest, if the sun is shining outside and your friends are out surfing why would you want to sit in front of a computer screen, tapping away on a keyboard? I know it does not make sense, although thousands of people cannot be wrong. Or can they?

If you think you can write a few articles and make a fortune, again, that is not true. It takes dedication and hard work and there are good sides to the hard work too. You meet and make lots of great friends. You learn something new nearly every day, no matter how old or uneducated you may be.

Earn money writing articles for hubpages will not require any high end education. That is no a requirement. You do need to be able to write in English. And of course be able to read and write, so if you are reading this you can earn money online.

Earning money online

I have been writing online for over two years, although I just wrote for the sake of writing because I loved it. It was not until a few months ago that I realized I was missing something. I was not helping myself to earn money. Sure I read about others earning and didn't realize it takes a little more than putting a collection of words on a page. It takes hard work and after three years this old dog is still learning new tricks.


Before you get serious about writing, you need to read and study what others have to say about earning money. The more you read the more you learn, this is the best way to achieve success in earning money.

Keywords are a big part of achieving success with earning money online. You will need to do some research on the best words to use for each article that you write. When searching for anything on the net most people type into Google search engine something like "growing potatoes" it searches and comes up with hundreds of answers. Those words you typed in are keywords.

Before choosing a title for your masterpiece, do a keyword search on the words you will use. There are many keyword tools available. Although, why pay for one when you can use one for free. AddMe is one of the free keyword tools.

Selecting the highest words searched for is not always the best. To give you a classic example; for a laugh I noticed the words "how to give good head" it had an extraordinary response. No again you are wrong. This article of mine is explaining how to get give good head on a glass of beer. Within a few days of writing that article, 2000 other people were fooled too. Yes I had lots of people click on the article, but on the downside, it does not pay, no one clicks on adverts or stays to read the whole page. Therefore it may be more beneficial to choose one without as high a response.

What is SEO?

As there are so many articles already written on this subject, I will tell you what it is, and leave you to do a search and learn more about it as I haven't studied that as yet. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

What is Hubpages?

This is a very helpful site where you can join many other writers hoping to earn more money. They write about their experiences in life, how to articles, DIY articles. There are many great recipes, there for you to experiment with. There are articles on just about anything at all. Helpful articles, to even get you started on writing for hubpages.

They have a forum, where if you are in doubt about how to do something or have a query or problem you can ask for help. You can also add pictures to your articles.

Earn money with Adsense on hubpages

Once you have joined and written a few articles, you can then apply to Google Adsense for an account. When people click on the ads on your article you will earn money. Do not get too excited it takes time for these pennies to add up. Be assured they will and do add up eventually. Although again I have to remind you not to become discouraged it will happen if you put in the hard work and keep writing good quality articles.

In fact, once you have written many articles with good content, you may find that while you are sleeping you are actually earning money with Adsense. And the important thing is articles will continue to earn money for as long as the articles are on the internet for ten years or more.

Joining Hubpages

First you will need to join as a member. This is free. Once you have joined and written several articles you can also join other writing sites.

Writing for two or more sites

If you write articles with similar topics for different writing sites, you can link from one site to the other. This helps you achieve more links for people to read and find your articles. The more clicks and impressions you get, the more you earn from Adsense. Each site has different rules regarding links, so read these before posting articles and adding links to them.

Would you like to start writing articles and earn money?

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Good luck with your writing and I hope you do earn lots of money.