The majority of online writers, simply put their written content out there, they then receive visitors from the yahoo and google and other sources. People go to their site, read the written content and then leave the website. Either by clicking on an ad or merely by leaving. The writer makes a small money from the ad clicks. That is a very lazy and not a truly profitable method.

If you, however gain the reader as a follower, it is possible to contact these people anytime you build a new post. If you keep producing great content you could build up a few thousand followers, over time. That means whenever you release an article it gets read many, many times, immediately. In addition your followers can have much more trust in you than they do in other sites. That makes it easier to review products and make affiliate sales to your followers. Article marketers refer to this as "the cash is in the list".

To help you discover how this can be done I would like you to look at Hubpages. It's a legitimate revenue sharing website, that has 1000s of web publishers and millions of articles.

Hubpages proof of payment

The 3 best approaches to get followers is through Facebook, Twitter and direct e-mail. It's best to get a follower on all three. That way should they stop making use of one, you are able to nevertheless get in touch with them through the other two. Therefore if a reader follows you on one, invite them to follow you on all three. Hubpages makes use of all 3 techniques. If you browse around, including the writer's profile page, you will see how they utilize it.

Twitter and Facebook costs nothing to apply, e-mails could set you back some, it depends on how you do it. On a web site like Hubpages they automatically send out emails to all your followers, when you finish a Hub.

What I like to do would be to write something like: "I really hope you found this article handy. If you want to check out articles in the future, you should friend me on Facebook". I achieve the best results by putting the web link straight into the text. I also request that readers to follow me in the written text part of my profile page on websites such as Hubpages.

All three methods may also be used to virally advertise your articles. You may get your followers to share your post with their Twitter followers, Facebook friends or email. The people who are given the recommendation may then pass it on to their contacts and so on.

I concentrate my material on three main niche markets. It does not help to try to get followers from one niche to read content from a different niche. They simply really don't click-through or worse may stop following you.

In short, the key to internet publishing prosperity is to take advantage of every bit of traffic you get.

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