This is A Fun and Easy Daisy Girl Scout Activity for Leaders to Do With Their Troop

Updated for 2019

Working with kindergarten and first grade girls is a rewarding and enriching experience for adult leaders, as well as a fun time for the children in your troop. One of the most important things  Girl Scout leaders need to do is foster friendship among their group.  More than likely, these girls will be together for many years as a troop earning patches and badges, taking field trips and doing community service projects.  Getting along is imperative to avoid drama and hurt feelings, as well as makes the time you spend together more enjoyable.  You will look forward to your troop meetings if everyone gets along (at least most of the time!)

Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl ScoutCredit: Pixabay

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That is why the violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout" is one to earn once you earned the blue promise center.

An easy and inexpensive Daisy Girl Scout activity is the "Daisy Chain of Friendship".  

Materials Needed

Computer paper, cut into thirds (the long way)

Magic markers

One stapler per adult volunteer

Pre Meeting Prep Work

Before the meeting, cut 8x11 white computer paper into strips approximately three inches thick. You need to make one bundle of strips for each child in your troop. For example, if you have ten girls in your troop, you will need ten bundles of ten strips (100 strips). Paper clip them together.

Note: Make sure you make an extra bundle of strips for any child who make mistakes, as well as a paper chain of three or four links to show as an example.  Children need a visual to see what it is that you want them to do.

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Starting The Meeting

At the meeting, ask the girls what it means to be "a sister to every girl scout".  Discuss ways to be kind to each other during the meeting,  at school and at home.  You may even want to read a book about friendship to the girls to start this meeting.

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Credit: Pixabay

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Show the troop your paper chain. Explain that each girl is going to decorate her strip with her own name. She can write her name in bubble letters, block letters, squiggly letters, etc, and then draw designs around her name.  

Note:  If you have more than ten girls, limit each piece of paper to just her name until all the names are completed.  Then she can begin decorating the individual strips.

When each girl is done with her strips, place them on another table, separated into piles (ten girls, ten piles). The next child lays her strips on top of these, until each pile has ten unique names.  Troop leaders and volunteers will help the girls staple them into a paper chain.

For those who finish early, have some coloring pages available so they will keep busy.

By earning the violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout", your troop will start off the year on the right foot.

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