Ad Supported Shipping is offered to eBay sellers which gives savings off from their  shipping cost. As an eBay seller, you'll be able to make branded packing lists with your own logo in it as well as send branded shipping confirmation emails to your customers with your clickable banner.

You can easily print packing lists labeled with your eBay logo for up to twenty shipments (25) at a time with just a single click. Ad Supported Shipping has recently added new features to help eBay sellers by allowing them to enter a personalized note on their packing list, send shipping confirmation emails with their own clickable banner and offer a shipment tracking page with the inclusion again of their own clickable banner. 

Another available new features include checking the tracking status of the seller's shipments easily all in one place and this works well too with domestic shipments. Sellers on eBay can also insert a personalized message on their packing slip and enter a default message on the "User Settings" page. The sellers can also see when their shipments are delivered and send shipment tracking notifications with their clickable banner as being advertized also.

It's easy to upload a seller's banner and enter an eBay store's URL. In this way, sellers will be able to save a lot of time, increase their effectiveness and earn revenue on each package that they ship. Once you had sent a package, those advertisers associated with Adship will pay you to add their ad on your packing list including those digital customer touch points.

You'll be able to receive the AdShip reward points via check that they'll send to you and redeem it for cash. It's easy to apply for a free Adship account. Once approved, you'll be able to log in and select an advertisement or you may let them assign an advertisement to each of your shipment based on your Seller's category.

You have an easy option to choose from four other choices of advertizers whom who like and this ad will be printed on your packing list and can be included on your digital customer touch points.When you're ready to ship your eBay package, you'll simply enter the "package tracking number", print the packing list then add the packing list in your package. Once the validation is successful via the tracking number, you'll receive reward points that can later be converted into cash.

It's advisable to click "View Sample Templates" so that you'll be able to see some examples of how the "Shipment Tracking Email" will look like once it will be sent to your customers. Just within the sample temples alone, you'll also be able to see a sample of where your logo as well as the printed advertisement will be located under the "Printed Packing List" category. You can easily hover your computer's mouse through the "Tracking Portal" and you can see a sample of your "Package Info" including the "Tracking Information" of your shipments. Hover again your mouse and place it on the "Delivery Confirmation Email" to see how it will look like when the customer would be able to receive it. You can avail of all these sample pages if you click the "View Sample Templates" within your Adship account.

It's fun and easy to earn through the Ad Supported Shipping after you'll be able to reach fifty (50) reward points. Once you'll reach this required number, you can submit a redemption request then a check will be sent to your confirmed address within seven (7 ) business days. This could be a good additional amount of online profit when it comes to selling on eBay.

Tips and Warning:

AdShip Subscription is free and they offer a good experience to their subscribers and welcomes feedback about their application. You may email them at if you have any questions or need any support especially with their new promo features.

You can easily submit a redemption request through an email once you'll reach the fifty (50) reward points but keep in mind that the "Adship Rewards Inbox" is not configured to auto-reply.

You can simply send the redemption request to: Take note that this email should include your eBay User ID, your name since this will appear on the check, and your physical address.

The checks are sent through FedEx and the redemption amount. You'll be able to receive an email confirmation once your check has been issued. It could take up to two (2) weeks for your check request to be processed.

AdShip is a small but growing company with a headquarter in Miami Beach, Florida. It's founded in 2009, and invented the patent-pending Pay-Per-Ship advertising modern approach. This model was able to provide advertisers access to the internet retail shipping consumer market and offer some sellers/shippers uncomplicated additional online profit.

Ad Supported Shipping is also known as "Adship" which provides business partnerships between advertisers that want to improve their ROI and online retailers who want to earn extra income online on every package they ship.   

You can combine shipments after selecting "Always Combine Shipments". Once you select this option, all items sent to the same recipient address are automatically combined. You may no longer need to choose which items to be combined. So either all of the shipments or none of the shipments sent to the same recipient can be combined as an option to the Adship program. Therefore, only one of the items for which the ad has been printed will be visible on the "Rewards History" page when you combine those shipments. You can simply select the "Packing List" link to  see all of those items included in the shipment.


When you want to upload your own seller's logo, take note that the max dimensions allowed is 400px in width and 90px in height. The maximum file size that Adship allows is 500 KB. The valid image tpes are GIF,JPG, or JPEG.  


Sometimes you can no longer redeem certain reward points because the tracking number provided is not valid or has already been used for another sold item in their Adship system. When this happens, you can simply click the "X" mark located at the right side of the bar graph. You also need to click "Reload Records" to see more available rewards to look for more unclaimed reward points.