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Earning Extra Money for the Holidays

Earning Extra Money for the Holidays

When summer is ending, school is back in session and we look toward the cooler months knowing the holidays are just around the corner, many people wonder how they could start Earning Extra Money for the Holidays.

More and more people start their holiday shopping earlier and earlier each year in an effort to save money as well as to take advantage of the many sales and bargains online and in the department stores.

If you've started your holiday gift giving list and think you may need extra funds to get all those items on your loved ones 'wish list' without adding debt to the family household, you may be thinking that it's time to start earning extra money for the holidays.

The sooner you start to look for ways that you could put your knowledge, interests or expertise to work, the sooner you could be making extra money.

Here are some examples of things anyone can fairly easily do to help you get your holiday shopping done without using credit cards, avoiding debt and making everyone on your gift list happy by earning extra money for the holidays.

Ideas for Earning Extra Money for the Holidays:

Babysit for a neighbor during weekends or for any of the days when school is on break. If you already have children or are good with children, this can be an easy way to bring in extra funds if done regularly.

  • If you're organized and a good shopper, post or mail flyers offering to do any needed grocery shopping for your neighbors – you may find that some neighbors don't drive, can't get out often or have illness and they may appreciate the help.
  • Early Birds - Deliver newspapers – this is usually an early morning job that can be accomplished well before most others are awake.
  • Take on a part time job at a department store during the holidays – stores always need additional help during the busiest shopping season of the year and you'll get a store discount to help you even further with your own shopping.
  • Sign up to write for Infobarrel or other revenue sharing website to share your knowledge and expertise to earn additional money. If you know a lot about a particular or many subjects, you can start to build a library of information and get paid through google's adsense program. If you can build your library quickly, you could earn extra money for the holidays.
  • Be a pet sitter
  • Be a dog walker
  • Sell your unwanted items that are in good shape on as many others earn extra money getting rid of things they no longer use or want if they're still in good condition.
  • Find a local consignment shop that will pay you on the spot for your used clothing that is in good shape.
  • Get a part time job at a dry cleaning company which; typically get busier during the holiday season.
  • Get a part time job as a bartender, server, hostess or coatcheck person at a local upscale restaurant and share in the service industry's lucrative tip making.
  • If you have an interest in crafts and art, sell the items you make at a local craft fair or bazaar. These are very popular events that many people look forward to for ways of finding unique, handmade local items and you could earn extra money for the holidays quite easily.
  • Look for a part-time job doing bookkeeping for a small local business if you have experience tracking and maintaining good business records.
  • Start a part-time home based business that allows you schedule flexibility and an ability to earn immediate and residual income. Many home business opportunities can be quite lucrative if you work only a few hours a week – you basically determine what you need to earn and work accordingly.
  • Be a tutor in an area of your expertise.
  • Work for a temp agency that often has needs during the busy holiday season and allows you to work during your particular availability.
  • Be a window washer – not many people love this task and you could even start your own part time business in your area.
  • Bake for a restaurant if you have the skills and desire to bake. Many restaurants hire private bakers to work during their prep hours and will provide all the supplies needed for baking.
  • Sell on ebay if you haven't already heard of that one!

You may like this additional income in your household and the benefits that come with another job that you decide to keep it all year. Avoid the stress that comes with not having the finances that you want or need to do all the things in your life that would create a happy lifestyle.

There are many things that you could do that will help you to start earning extra money for the holidays with a little thought and imagination. Use your knowledge, experience and interests to help guide you into a field of work that you would enjoy, will help you to meet new people and give you the flexibility to work according to your schedule.

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Happy Holidays!