One of the most integral parts of earning money online is to stick something out until it works. If you are attempting to create an income with a platform that is unproven and unstable then your hard work may be for naught. If however you use a proven platform to create a passive income then your work will pay off, as long as you can put in the work. Among some of the proven platforms to create a passive income are writing articles for InfoBarrel and blogging.

Writing articles for InfoBarrel and starting your own blog both have a low cost of entry. There is no need to pay a lot of money. You can get cheap hosting with Hawk Host or HostGator that will enable you to auto install the WordPress blogging platform. Add on a free blog theme you like, add Adsense, and start writing away. If you stick with it you will learn a lot and also be able to eventually earn a nice income online from your blog.

Writing for InfoBarrel requires zero financial investment on your part. You simply need to write articles. The more you write, the more you can earn. Once you begin to build up you're the number of articles you have you can learn tips from fellow writers such as Travis_Aitch who will be able to help you to drastically increase the income you earn per article.

The biggest key to being a successful blogger or writer on InfoBarrel is to stick with it. Initially you may earn little to no money, and that is completely normal. If you have faith and keep writing new content you will begin to see you a few cents earnings each day. Eventually your earnings will increase to a few dollars each day. Do not quit writing at this point. Many people stop working on producing new content before they hit critical mass. If you keep writing on a regular basis you will eventually hit critical mass and your earnings will jump. Initially you may see a $5-$10 day occasionally. This will motivate you to keep writing new content for InfoBarrel or your blog. When you reach critical mass you will be earning a lot of money simply because you stuck it out.

If you can faithfully add new content on a regular basis until you build up a large folio of articles then you will begin to earn some great money. Writing for InfoBarrel and or writing for your own blog is a proven platform and you will make $1,000 per month or more, as long as you stick it out and continue to write. When your earnings are little to none it can be hard to stay motivated to keep writing because you feel like your work is for nothing. The key is to stick it out anyways. Eventually you will be earning very nice income each month from blogging or InfoBarrel and the main point I want to emphasize is that this money is passive.

Once you begin earning a lot of money with InfoBarrel you can quit writing for them if you choose to and you will still earn money from all off the articles you have written every month, even without producing new content.

If you are interested in earning passive income online by writing then you can sign up for InfoBarrel and get started today.