For many people earning money on the internet may seem like a dream. We all look at the internet as a way to learn but many people may not be aware of the fact that you can indeed earn money online for free and in many different ways. I feel one reason people do not want to attempt to make money online is because they think they will be scammed. I won't lie there are many scams online but there are also many programs that will pay you the user as well.

I plan on sharing at least two ways that I have learned to make money online. I honestly feel that I could charge for some of this info but like you I searched online all day and night to find real ways to earn income online. First let me tell you this, if you want to earn money online you will have to work doing something. Not every avenue that I have used will work for everyone but most people that have that desire to earn will earn something. And some people will earn more than others so don't discourage yourself from earning money just look at this as a project and a new learning experiance.

First you are reading this article? Well this is one option to earn online. Become a freelance writer there are many sites that will pay you to write about almost anything and everything under the sun. But keep somethings in mind when taking this road. Number one writing is not that hard but you must be willing to take time to try your best and try to spell check and create articles that will help others. Every site is different how they pay you as well but I tell most people to start off with creating a Free paypal account before even trying the freelance writing job. A few sites that I have heard of are as follows; Ehow, Bukisa, Info Barrel, Triond, Blogging for others or for yourself, Hubpages, Squidoo and many others. Those are only a few of your options out there when it comes to freelancing.

Next option that may work for you would be taking surveys. Most sites pay but all pay in different ways. One way might be via gift cards and another way may be via check. Every survey site that I have come in contact with has paid me and here is a little mini list that I would like to share with you the reader. OpinionOutpost, Dealbarbiepays, Dealbarbiepaysfast, Cashpirate, Cashmattress, and many others those are just a few believe me there are a lot more to work for. So in the end you can make money online in many ways but this article only explains a few of them. My hope is this will give you a start on your journey to making money online and thanks for taking the time to read what I wanted to share.