Get busy earning those PMP PDU credits

PDUCredit: javrsmith

Those project managers who hold PMP certification from the Project Management Institute are likely aware that they must earn renewal PDU points in order to keep their designation. If not, the project manager is obliged to re-write the knowledge exam. Having gone through the process once, most people are reluctant to submit to the same process again. Luckily, writing articles qualifies as one of the activities that earn PMP renewal points.

The basics requirements for earning PMP renewal status through writing articles are quite reasonable. First, the article must pertain to project management. Since this includes planning, quality control, execution and many other associated phases, the requirement is very broad. Next, the article must be published in a relevant management journal or on the Internet. This is easy to accomplish. The content site Infobarrel is one location which publishes most any general purpose article. Those based on a relevant management topic, and which qualify for PMP PDU's, would certainly be acceptable at Infobarrel.

Most project managers are quite busy. Finding time to earn PDU's can be a challenge. Luckily, the effort involved writing articles for PMP recertification is quite good. With a little practice, a certified manager will find that they can easily write an informative article and post it on Infobarrel in about a half hour. If the article is more complicated, it may require more time. A simple, general purpose relevant management article that is well written, may take an hour or more. PMP renewal PDU points are awarded for the effort involved. That means that a half hour of article writing will earn 0.5 PDU. If the article takes longer to write, say 1 hour, then 1.0 points are earned. If the article is substantial, 2.0, 3.0, or even more, credits may be earned by the certified manager. The key is to give back to the management profession. There is no limit to the number of PDUs that a single article can earn. There is, however, a limit to the total number that may be earned through article writing.

Those project managers wishing to earn the renewal of their PMP designation now have many more opportunities to do so for free. Self Directed Learning is now worth up to 30 of the 60 renewal points required. Work in the PM field can count for up to 15 credits toward certification renewal. Writing articles on various management topics can earn 20 credits. From just these three sources, a certified professional can renew their PMP at no cost. Earn the self directed credits through reading books, watching videos or reading business management magazines. Write articles for Infobarrel. If you are not working as a manager, you may find yourself a little short of your renewal total. In this case, perform some volunteer work which would count towards your PMP recertification requirements.

The Project Management Institute has changed the requirements of PMP renewal. By learning the new procedures, you will be able to understand how to earn the credits required. Do so early since you have 3 years or 36 months to earn 60 PDUs. You should try to earn 2 points per month in order to ensure that you have enough at the end. You must earn your points from a variety of sources. Writing, learning and service are the broad categories that will be lucrative when you want to get your recertificiation.