After writing a ton of mind-melting stuff for the November contest, I'm continuing my December trend of writing articles with little to no commercial value, but are a heck of a lot of fun! Let's see if we can find the line where ambitious meets crazy shall we?

You probably think the idea of making $100,000 a year writing for InfoBarrel is pure craziness. Likely, you find yourself here because you're curious about such an extraordinary claim. Well I'm here to show you not only why it's doable, but why we have multiple writers on track to earn over $100,000 in a calendar-year before 2012 closes.

The Math: Part 1

$100,000 in a year breaks down to an average of $274 per day, or roughly $8333 per month. $274 is by no means insurmountable. There are many members who make more than that in a single month, and a couple who have been close to making that much in a single day. If you can make $274 in a month, then you only have to improve your earnings 30 times to have $274 per day. This still seems crazy right? Not so, if we consider the power of exponential growth.

Take for instance, my October earnings of $32.78 and my November earnings of $198.98. Adjusting for the fact I had more articles in November, I actually made about $77 based on my October article count. To put it another way, I made more than twice as much with the same number of articles. This is par for the course with a number of writers, Travis_Aitch and Chezfat have both increased their earnings substantially even when they haven't added new articles (I'm fairly sure they both do this at a better rate than I do). I'm sure there are others too, but I haven't actually kept track of anyones earnings from month to month - that's getting a little too personal.

An Aside: What You Can Do To Increase Earnings

So the point here is you can increase your earnings without adding new material - and you can do so substantially. There are some easy ways to do this - and some don't require you to actually do anything.

1. Backlink like crazy to improve your page rank

2. Backlink like crazy with Social Bookmarking sites that share revenue

3. Rewrite your best performing articles for other article directories - a great return on investment!

4. Optimize your contest, build Amazon stores, make killer signatures, and do other SEO buffing

5. Link content that doesn't get clicks to content that gets a LOT of clicks, to improve your bounce rate and the amount of traffic your best articles get

6. Sit around and let IB become a higher authority site, resulting in your content ranking better in Google

7. Sit around and let Google realize your content rocks, assuming your content actually rocks (helpful hint: write content that rocks)

The Math: Part 2 (Skip This Part if You Don't Like Math)

So lets say you have 300 articles and earn $600 a month ($20/day). How far away are you really from $274 per day? It looks like you need to do 24 times as much work to get there ($20/day x 24 = $280/day) - which would equate to 7200 articles. This is a viable strategy for some (WriterGuy perhaps?) but not for most. Instead, by targeting your best content, it's possible to double your earnings while having the same number of articles. $20 a day becomes $40 a day. But it gets better than that. You also write more articles, and only on topics you've proven earn. If you wrote another 300 articles randomly you could expect your earnings to double, but by writing articles that you know will earn substantially your earnings should be much higher - lets say 3 times higher to play it safe. $40/day becomes $120/day with only 600 articles.

So now lets say you do the same thing. You take the best of the best, and write a huge number of articles targeting those keywords, your earnings double (not triple, just for fun) and you're making $240/day with 1200 articles.

Read This Part if You Don't Like Math

You only need 1500 articles to be able to make $274 a day, every day. Probably less, if you follow all the advice stated above. The first person on IB to make $274 a day will likely have around 1000 articles (and I will probably need 2000-2500 unless I start taking more of my own advice)

365 Day Plan of Action, Kind of

December: Optimize top 20% of content (pictures, affiliates etc). Backlink articles on page two of Google. Rewrite top 20% for HubPages and PostUROwn, and any others if time permits. Social Bookmark every article with my 13 backlink sites with revenue share. Create amazon stores for my most productive niches. Submit 200 new articles. Earning goal: $30/day by Dec 31.

January: Start interlinking crazy, funneling traffic to my best-earners. Rewrite 1 of my top articles every day for submission on other article directory sites. Choose top 3 niches at the end of the month. Submit 200 articles. Earning goal: $50/day

February: Saturate the chosen 3 niches. Amazon stores, affiliate links in articles, rewrites, backlinks, rinse & repeat. Submit 200 articles (1000 total) Earning goal: $75/day

March-December: Rinse and repeat. It's far too hard to plan this much in advance. Earning goal: $274/day.

The Conclusion (Class Dismissed)

If you want a 6-figure salary from your InfoBarrel articles, you can probably achieve it with fewer than 1500 articles, if you do a lot of SEO, backlinking, interlinking, optimization, and other fun stuff. (You would actually have more than 1500 articles because of rewrites, but that's a time-intensive activity far more than a brain-intensive one) Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But it is certainly doable, and someone who is making even a couple hundred dollars a month is much much closer to that lofty goal than they think.

It will take a very efficient and effective system: keyword research, article writing, article rewriting, social bookmarking, and all sorts of article optimization. AdSense and Amazon will both be key players in your success - heck even Chitika will be getting in on the action. And really, even if you don't hit $100,000 in a year, you'll probably have more than enough passive income to feed and clothe your family, maybe take a summer vacation or pay off the car - so why not aim high?

Gosh golly dang gee whiz this was fun to write. Oh yeah, and if you want to start your $100,000 journey, go on and sign up for InfoBarrel now with my shamelessly placed referral link and join the party!