Many years ago, I remember I used to hear about blogs. I didn't know what they were, but it seemed like they were becoming a very popular thing. After inquiring about them from a few people, they explained to me that they were basically like an online journal. It didn't make much sense to me though, journals were supposed to be a private thing in my eyes, not for the world to see.

As years went by, and I became a little more computer savvy, I noticed that blogs I would visit while doing a search were very informative or entertaining. They didn't give me the impression of what I had been explained in the past. They didn't seem like the type of online journal that I had been thinking of, honestly those would have bored me, unless it was a good friend or relative were I could read there secret thoughts that no one was supposed to see or read. I noticed that many of these blogs focused on a certain niche, not all of them though. Some focused on random things and yet they were still very entertaining.

More years went by and I don't even remember how I ended up reading about it, but I learned about a program called Google AdSense. Supposedly they would display relevant ads on your blog and when a visitor to your site clicks on those ads, you were to be paid some revenue. To tell you the truth, I was not too excited about it. Seemed to be just another money making scam out there.

While all of this was going on, curiosity had me wanting to start a blog of my own. I had always enjoyed writing and thought why not just try it out and see what happens with it. Remember, I was not starting a blog to try and earn any money. I was not hip to pay per click ads, affiliate programs, AdSense revenue sharing websites, or anything of the liking, I just wanted to write. There was at this time no interest in making money with a blog.

I started a blog about my day and tried to write at least one post every single day. I did this for a couple of months, and then read another article somewhere about Google AdSense. I thought why not give it a try, I had my own blog now so why not? I applied and was eventually accepted into the Google AdSense program.

At this same time I read another article from a website that lectured about having original content on your blog to gain more visitors from search engines, which eventually would lead to more AdSense clicks. The site was all about making money with your own blog. This website sold 50 articles a month for about $20.00 per month. I decided to give it a try and would post these articles that they would send to me every single day. I was disappointed with the results though, even though I would get a few clicks here and there. I would get around 3 clicks per week and earn about 10 cents per week. It didn't seem like a good business deal to me paying $20.00 per month to earn 40 cents per week. I wanted to make money with my blog but that didn't seem like what was happening. After a couple months I cancelled that article subscription. I started writing my own articles on my blog, I would write about three post per day. Eventually I noticed my earning steadily growing, and the rest is history. I am not a Google AdSense success story trust me, but I did learn that with Google AdSense, or any other pay per click programs out there, you can earn a nice income to supplement your current income by just doing what you love doing anyways - writing!

Ad revenue sharing sites are great because of the high traffic that they get, but having your own blog is also a must because you get to keep 100% of the revenue you earn from the pay per click ads. You can also add on affiliate ads to your blog, which will earn you even more revenue. Chances are that you will not come even close to getting the traffic that ad revenue sharing sites do, unless you have some serious search engine optimizing skills. Don't let that discourage you though from starting your own blog. Just because you write for a ad revenue sharing site does not mean that you shouldn't have your very own blog, actually doing both is the best thing to do. When you are writing articles for your ad revenue sharing site, you can even place links that will drive traffic back to your main blog.

If you are interested in starting your own blog, you can get a free one from Blogger, which is owned by Google. After writing post for a couple of weeks, you can then apply for the Google AdSense program. I say after a coupe of weeks, that way AdSense will see an active blog after you submit your application. There is no reason to take a chance of getting rejected from joining Google AdSense. After being accepted, paste the HTML codes onto your blog, and you are set. Now it is time to write, write, and write some more. As you learn more and more about earning money with your blog, you will eventually learn about affiliate programs, search engine optimizing, and so much more.