Is this what writing does for you?

Before and after work

Earnings on Infobarrel over the first 6 months

I have been writing here for a little over 6 months now, and started writing just as the Panda gave out its first strike of its claw. So I can not dissect pre Panda data. I in some ways find that better, as I have seen a lot of more matured writers become despondent because of the view drops. This is how I have done however.


Well, I could leave this blank, but that would be an unfair impression of this fantastic writing platform that is InfoBarrel. 


The start. February 2011.


Well I joined, and then had no idea what to do or where to go in my writing style, so there was a complete void of articles that month, and funnily enough another void in March.

The second start in April, after what some would call a false start.


Still no earnings in April for me, however, I was starting to read the forums and learn, also to socialize, mainly with others I knew from other sites that also write here.


April saw my first two articles published, finally. Still two is a drop in the ocean in this business, so hardly surprising I am still broke.

May and June 2011.

Still only simmering, I only had another article published in June and none in May. The ever impending School holidays loomed and I could not concentrate on my writing. I love my children, but the idea of them being home for 7 weeks in a row scares me to death.

July and August 2011.

Only one article published again during this time, I was really struggling to find the calm zen like state I need to write and gather my thoughts. No way was that on its way with 4 children at home.

When you see the growth of successful writers, you will see that by now they will have multiplied their hubs by 30 and 40 articles a month at this time. Decipher from the difference that seeing it has been suggested that at least a few hundred articles are  conducive to a relatively nice income, my efforts were never going to cut the mustard.




As I write this we have only just said goodbye to September 2011. There is some fantastic news. My page views have increased and I managed to publish 2 articles. Only around a few hundred articles short of where I should be now. But all is not lost. I have been learning. Learning about keywords and Seo. I have learned how Google ignores you when you do not know any SEO, and then hates you when you learn it and use too much.

I am much closer to people in the community and my motivation is propped up by them all. Thank you all of you.

So here comes October and my future earnings. With 10 articles in draft I am going to aim for at least the 30 articles this month. I will get there, and so will you if you learn and keep writing. No content is no income.