A Treasured Piece of Jewelry

The Much Revered Ornamental Piece

An earring ,as we all know, is an ornament worn on the ear.Different cultures adhere to different forms of ring wearing.This practice dates back many years even before it became fashionable in more recent times. Earrings are worn by both men and women,with the latter being the biggest wearer.They date back in ancient history where it was found to be more common among men.They were a treasured form of jewelry even in Biblical times.

They come in many forms and variations like studs,hoops,danglers,spikes,huggies,ear threads,slave earrings and clips.All of these require piercing on the ring wearer’s part,apart from the clip,which is fastened to the earlobe.Other forms of rings that do not require piercing are stick-ons,hoops,magnetic earrings,ear cuffs,ear hooks and ear screws.

The ring’s most valued and important specification is that it should be light enough in order not to tear or stretch the ear or the piercing.Earrings should be made of a light,weightless material and should be of the right size.

Gold and pearl earrings were a much revered and treasured items especially among gentlemen in the past.They were deemed fashionable piece items.Multiple piercings on the earlobe emerged in the seventies and became popular with both men and women,with celebrities and artists setting the trend.

Ear piercing is the oldest form of body modification known to man.The most common location for piercing is the earlobe.It is easier to pierce and faster to heal compared to other areas.The most common piercing instrument is the piercing gun.The hollow piercing needle is also becoming a more common piercing instrument .During piercing,a stud is attached to the lobe to eliminate the risk of the hole closing up.

Do -it- yourself home techniques involve the use of a sewing needle for piercing ,sewing thread to keep the hole open ,and alcohol for disinfecting, although it is quite unsafe due to the high risk of infection involved .This is due to poor sterilization of the equipment in use,and lack of proper knowledge on how to treat and disinfect the piercing.Health risks include tearing, allergic reactions,and infections.

A pierced ear could take up to two months or more to heal,therefore it is recommended not to remove the stud for as long as six months in order to allow for ample healing time and hole formation.Piercings are known to be either permanent or temporary,although permanent ones could close up ,culminating into a shrinkage if left without ear-rings for prolonged periods of time .