Earth (The Book): A Visitors Guide To The Human Race by Jon Stewart Review

Earth The Book

Earth (The Book): A Visitors Guide to the Human Race is the latest book by Jon Stewart and his team of talented writers from the Daily Show. Following on from the success of America (The Book): A Citizens Guide To Democracy Inaction, Earth is written as a mock text book/encyclopaedia setting out to explain humans, our history, culture and peculiarities to visiting aliens if they were to arrive on earth after our extinction, but with the normal Daily Show twist.

Earth (The book) works best when it follows the most successful formula of The Daily Show, subtly displaying the idiosyncrasies of various ideologies, be they religious, political, socio-economical or just our overindulgence in pop culture and celebrity. To cater for its supposed alien audience, the book is written with a faux-scientific tone, delivering its best laughs with perfect deadpan humor. Even with its obvious goal of using humor to show just how silly many of the customs and beliefs we have would appear to aliens, don't be surprised if you end up gaining some handy knowledge along the way.

Earth (The Book): A Visitors Guide to the Human Race is not as laugh out funny as America: The Book, but I found it was a smarter and wittier read, relaying on the reader to see the bigger picture of the world around them and how the media has forced people to take many things to seriously. Politics was covered heavily in the previous book, so this one largely skirts the issue, instead taking aim at science, religion, civilization and history.

The book is visually stunning, in the style of an old fashioned hardback coffee table book. It is packed full of illustrations, infographics and photos, produced to the same high quality as the graphics from The Daily Show. Like an encyclopaedia, it is the perfect format to quickly pick up and read a few pages from for a quick giggle, rather than reading from end to end in a sitting.

If you enjoyed Jon Stewart's previous book or are a fan of his show, you will already be accustomed to this style of humor and will love this book immensely. Its mixture of irreverent humor with a serious undertone is one of the many things that fan's love about Jon's show and this style has been wonderfully transferred into literary format. A must read and available for the cheapest price on Amazon

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