You might have read the title of this article and you are wondering what in the world a baja hoodie could be. I will bet you 100 dollars that you have seen them before and to make it a little easier for you, I have included a picture in the article so you will be able to see exactly what they are. They are essentially a hooded sweater that is striped with a few different colors.

You need to be aware that they don't actually wear these in Mexico, so if you are trying to be Mexican you will need to look for more traditional Mexican clothing like the poncho or the embroidered peasant blouse. These are more commonly seen among the poorer people in Mexico. In all reality you will see more Nike brand than sombreros in any town or city in Mexico. But people around the world like to imagine that they are riding donkeys in their colorful serape blankets and sombreros.

Back to the baja Mexican sweater, they are very comfortable and they no longer are made of super itchy material like they used to be back in the 80's. You might remember having one when you were a child and you probably thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well, they are still cool and now they don't scratch you all day while you wear them.

So what colors are there in these pullovers? These earth ragz come in pretty much any and every color that you could ever imagine. That is one of the great things about them, they don't ever go out of style because there are so many different colors that every color can't be out of style at the same time. Sure the turquoise might have been really popular about 10 or 15 years ago, but now you can get them in black and white or a solid brown. Black and white will never be out, so you can always depend on a Mexican baja hoodie to be stylish no matter the year or the place.

They started mostly as surfer hoodies in California but now you will find them in every little town across America as well as in many movies. You might have seen one in Hancock, where Will Smith wears a blue baja hoodie when he is supposed to be a bum. You will see that most people have them on in movies where they are supposed to be poor. But, you don't need to be poor to wear one, I just wouldn't wear one to a high fashion party anytime soon.