The Republic of Haiti also known as Republique d' Haiti is situated in an island. It has a total land mass of 27, 750 square kilometers. The Republic has unique origin; they were the first nation in Latin America to get independence from the Europeans and also the only nation whose independence is gained as part of a successful slave rebellion and lastly, the first post-colonial independent black-led nation in the world. It is a predominantly Francophone independent nation in the western Hemisphere that designates French as an official language. After Cuba and Dominican Republic, Haiti is the third largest island in the carribbeans. The capital city is Port-au-Prince.

Haiti occupies the island of Hispaniola (one of the many Carribbean Island inhabited at the time of European arrival by the Taino Indians.) Christopher Columbus arrived at Mole Saint-Nicolas on 5 December 1492, and claimed the island for Spain, though not without stiff opposition from the natives. The Taino name for the entire island was Kiskeya. The island was exploited by the Spaniards for its gold, chiefly through forced labor of the local Amerindians by the colonialist.

In the Taino societies of the Carribbean Island, the largest unit of political organization was led by a Cacique; which are often called "chiefdoms." Before the European incursion, the island of Hispaniola was divided among five long established Caciquedoms: Xaragua, Maguana, Higuey, and Magna. Modern day Haiti embraces nearly all of the territory of the first two of these.

A brief about the island; Haiti is needed to really appreciate the stand point from which to sympathize and empathize with the people at this very crucial moment in their history. No doubt, Haiti is in the news; on January 12, 2010 at about 4:53 local time, the island was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. It left in its wake, a colossal destruction of lives, and widespread damage with a majority of building collapsing due to poor structural design; even the presidential palace and other structurally strong buildings were not spared. Emergency aid and relief effort is being sort across the globe to carter and rescue those trapped under rubble and to keep survivors alive, fed and sheltered.

There are unprecedented numbers of people roaming the streets at night with no place to sleep. Some haven't had any sleep since the quake struck. The capital city was totally wrecked with the estimated death toll running into hundred of thousands. This nation needs all the help they could get. It is good to see that nation around the world are mobilizing effort in form of food, clothing, shelter aimed at alleviating the condition of those living and displaced. Dead bodies practically litter every street corner and some still trapped beneath the rubbles. The magnitude of the disaster is beyond what Haiti alone could handle, what ever effort you can contribute would go a long way; it could be in offering a word of prayer for the survivors, contributing your "widows might" to donor agencies involved in rescue efforts and any other means you feel could reach out to these displaced people. Fear of civil strife grows by the day. Despite relative calm, there are reports of sporadic looting and violence. If help doesn't come quickly, it probably will get worse.

Let us be our brothers' keeper. Lend a hand today!