Painful, tender breasts can have many causes from hormonal changes such as those that occur during and after menopause, before and during a menstrual period and more ominous medical conditions. The first step is to rule out any serious medical condition such as breast cancer. For swollen, painful breasts not due a serious medical condition or illness, there are a few things you can do to ease the pain.

Buy a properly fitted bra without underwire. Underwire in bras can be quite irritating and uncomfortable. Many women wear an incorrect bra size. A bra should be fitted by a knowledgeable sales person. A bra should fit both breasts well and you should be able to move freely and the bra should move with you. A bra should not feel uncomfortable in any way.

Cut down on your caffeine intake. Caffeine increases breast swelling and tenderness by causing dilation of blood vessels. The more dilating the blood vessels become the more swollen and tender breasts become. Opt for decaffeinated drinks in place of your regular caffeinated beverages.

Take evening primrose to block the pain associated with tender breasts. Evening primrose is a natural pain blocker. Evening primrose is available at natural pharmacies, health food stores and online.

Stay away from excess and added sugars. Sugar can cause fluid to buildup and lead to breast swelling and breast tenderness. Use a natural alternative to sweeten food and drink such as Stevia.

Take a Vitamin E supplement to help reduce breast tenderness.

Limit your use of salt. Salt can lead to fluid retention and cause swelling and tenderness in the breasts.

Gently massage your breasts to increase circulation. Pour Jojoba oil into the palms of your hands and massage your breast to help increase the blood flow. In the shower, soap up your breasts and massage under the pressure of the water from the shower.

Always check with your doctor or health care professional when you discover any changes in breast size, breast discoloration and breast tenderness.

Be sure to perform monthly breast self examinations to check for any unusual lumps or bumps.