There can be times no matter how hard we try to recall about something such as movie titles, lyrics of song titles we can’t remember, people that owe you money whose first names you only remember, types of illness that you feel like having, and all sorts of stuff that makes you want to look for but to no avail.

Lots of nifty stuff has been added on the internet realm that made cyber surfing a lot more fluid and convenient. And for that, things are now rather easier to access--- you can even find the phrase “oh, really?” in all different languages thru online translator, hence, almost everything is available on the internet. I think all of us already know the primary function of search engines. Obviously even grade-schoolers are pretty much familiar with it; not to mention that in some parts of this world, pupils cut classes just to play online games at the nearby internet café. That kind of thing has been an issue for quite some time already… of course I read about it from the internet, where else? But anyhow, well about search engines, we must know how to incorporate keywords that could help us look for certain stuff that took us ages to look for.

Looking for song titles?  Nothing can be a lot easier than just typing any part of the song’s lyrics e.g. “you to me are everything, the sweetest song that i can sing, oh baby” in the search bar and just hit enter. And, voilà! There you have it. There can be thousands of search results but I don’t think there are other songs that have the same lyrics such as that, obviously. Otherwise you can just include you think was the year it has been released or search for a song artist’s discography if you think their voices sound similar. 

  How about movie titles? If you still remember who were the casts then that would be easier. Sites like “” contain celebrity archives such as their filmography, etc. Other than that, you can just search for famous lines inside the movie if you can still recall them correctly. Movie OST (original soundtrack) can be another.

  Looking for People? Now this can be a little bit over the edge depending on your purposes. Well anyway, sites like “” can be quite handy sometimes. You can find people’s phone number and address, etc. in that website… imagine that? And of course, who would ever forget social network sites. You may create an account (for more search access privilege) if you still don’t have one. After that, just type their first name in the search bar (just wish their first name’s really uncommon), or, look for your friend’s friend list and chances are that the person you’re looking for has been your mutual friend all along. And there you go, as easy as that.