Keeping up with an exercise program can be a challenge while travelling.

The easiest way to keep fit and healthy though is to choose exercise programs that either fit in with your sight-seeing or are highly portable.


Walking is an excellent exercise for heart and bone health as well as general fitness. It is also a form of exercise that does not need any special equipment (except a comfy pair of shoes) and can be done anywhere. This means you can get your exercise and sight-seeing done at the same time. To increase the intensity of your workout grab the opportunity to walk on sand if there is a beach nearby. If you want to be a little more formal about your exercise sessions it's a good idea to buy a pedometer. These are cheap, light and very handy to keep track of how much walking you are actually doing. Being so small they are also really easy to pack.

Stair Walking

A step up from general walking (pardon the pun) is stair climbing. Stair walking will also keep you in top condition and can be done by simply using the stairs and not catching the lift in your hotel or other places you visit as part of your trip.


This choice is great for those looking for something a little more intense than walking but still with all the similar benefits. Jogging again requires little except good shoes and can be done anywhere. It is likely you will have to set aside a specific time to get your jog in though.

Pilates Floor Exercises

I love my pilates and for those of you who have a pilates floorwork routine you'll find it very easy to keep up during your travel. All you will need is a carpeted floor or a thick towel, if you do not want to take a thin, rolled up exercise mat with you. You will also need some suitable clothes of course but these are easy to pack. As with jogging you will need to set aside some time to do your pilates but given you can do it in your hotel room it's easy to squeeze it in.


This is a good option if you have easy access to a hotel pool or the beach. It's great all over exercise and is the perfect part of a summer holiday, especially if you have a nice scenic view to go with it.

Couple walk in silhouette on Morro Strand State BeachCredit: mikebaird - flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)Credit: mikebaird - flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)