Comic Con and Halloween are not just a chance for guys to look like their favorite fandom characters; women can also use this as an opportunity to dress up. You do not have to buy your costume at the store, you can instead get creative and make your own. The problem is that finding an easy costume to make is not as easy for women as a lot of the characters in comic books and other fandom stories are just too complex, but some of them you can pull off rather easily. Here are the easiest costumes that you can make at home or which you may already have and not know it.

Hogwarts Student

Hogwarts Uniform

When the Harry Potter books came out and later the movies, a lot of the people watching decided that they would like to dress like the next Hogwarts student, but getting the look is a bit difficult if you do not have a clear guide of what you will need. Once you have all the elements in front of you it becomes one of the easiest costumes to pull off.

First you will need to decide which house you want to belong to as the colors are different. Gryffindor uses scarlet and gold, Slytherin uses green and silver, Hufflepuff uses yellow and black and Ravenclaw uses blue and bronze; those are the colors you will choose from on your tie and scarf. You will need a black skirt, gray sweater, white shirt (button down), gray socks, black robe and black shoes. The robe is the one thing that you may find a bit more difficult, but you can make your own or buy one already made.

Your wand will depend on how great you want it to look. You can use sand paper on a straight branch or you can buy one already made. You can paint your wand black or leave it brown, but a coating of paint is not a bad idea. You can also knit or crochet your scarf and that would complete your costume.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek is big in fandom and it is also one of the easiest looks to pull off no matter if you are going with the classic or more modern looks. All you will need is to get a red, yellow or blue short wide-neck dress, a black shirt underneath, gold leaf paper for the sleeves if you are going with the retro style, and use the same paper to make the insignia. You should use glue as opposed to a pin so that the insignia stays on while you wear the dress.

This is also a costume that you will need boots that reach just under the knee. It is also possible to wear pants if you feel more comfortable doing so, but then you will have to go with a different style top so that it matches the uniform from the TV shows or movies.



If you want something more like a comic book style, then you can look into a character such as Domino. The character of Domino comes from the pages of the X-Men series. She was once a mercenary who then became a part of the X-Men and X-Force and she is a mutant that controls chance. To pull off her look you will need leather including leather tight pants or pants made of a similar shiny material, a black tank top, black leather boots and a leather short jacket. If you have those things then it is all a matter of getting white and black face paint. Domino is a great shooter so a couple of toy guns will also help, but they are not necessary.

You should work on your face with a base of white face paint and then using black paint around your left eye to almost look like an eye patch. The look is very simple and it should not take a long time to complete, but not everyone will necessarily know who you are unless they are comic book fans. This is the perfect easy costume to make at home if you are heading to Comic Con or a similar event.

Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl

Everyone is familiar with Wonder Woman and she has one of the most popular costumes at any party or event, but why not chose to go as Wonder Girl instead? There have been 3 Wonder Girls, the first one was Diana (Wonder Woman), Donna Troy, and Cassie Sandsmark. Cassie’s costume is the one that we will be looking at as it is one of the easiest in comics to create in real-life.

If you have tight-fitting blue jeans and a red tank top then you are well on your way to pulling off the look. You will also need a blonde wig or to dye your hair as she is a blonde. You will also need to create the logo which is better done on a gold cloth because it will be on your top and paper may just rip because of your curves. You should also find silver craft paper and cut ten small stars to go on your pant legs (5 on each leg) and wear it with black shoes. Wonder girl also wears bracelets which are like Wonder Woman’s, but they are silver. You can make those at home as well and your Wonder Girl costume is complete.

Is That Really A Costume?

There are some costumes that are even easier; so much so that they would hardly qualify as costumes. One example would be the Lara Croft costume which is just brown short shorts and a blue tank top. You can add glasses and a leg brace to really look more like the video game character. Also do not forget to wear a pony-tail.

You could also try to go in as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the thing is that she does not really have much of a uniform. If you have a cheerleader outfit then you can wear that as she has done so in the comic book series and do not forget a stake. There have also been some comic books called Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies which do not need more than a cheerleader outfit. If you can have a couple of friends dress up like zombies then that could be fun.