Easiest Languages to learn For Americans

The easiest languages to learn are the ones that you are interested in. Learning a new language requires a passion and enjoyment. However, if we take some important aspects like vocabulary and pronunciation, some languages are easier to learn than others. Many people who want to learn a new language concentrate on Romantic languages for their similarities to English and beauty. These languages are derived from Latin, which is similar to English. The alphabets are so similar that it is easy to learn the languages.  Italian is the easiest language to learn for Americans. The pronunciation and vocabulary of this language are derived from Latin. It has relatively simple grammar, when compared to other romance languages. It has fewer verb forms than French and some other languages, so it is one of the easiest languages to learn.

Spanish comes first as easiest languages to learn
Spanish comes under the list of the easiest languages to learn for Americans or any other native English speakers. The pronunciation makes it the easiest language to learn for English speakers. It has only ten vowels or diphthong sounds. Its orthography is clear and simple. The words are written in Spanish language in the way they are pronounced. This makes it easy to read. Spanish grammar has some irregularities than other romance languages. Moreover, there are some words that pair the same sound as an English word, but have some different meaning. For instance, particular in Spanish means private. However, you can find plenty of resources to help you to learn this language easily.

Easiest Languages to Learn from English
French is one of the easiest languages to learn from English. As it contains more words that are used in English, it is very easy to learn. You can find many books and materials to learn French, which makes it the easiest language to learn from English. Though French has some difficult words, more verb forms and gendered nouns, it shares more lexical ground with English than any other romance languages. Pronunciation is somewhat difficult in French. It has more vowel sounds and silent letters. However, listening to words and phrase as many times as possible can help you pronounce them perfectly.

Danish too easiest launguages to learn
Danish is one of the easiest languages to learn for Americans or any other English speakers. It is easy in terms of grammar. It has nine verb forms, which include passive. This is quite familiar to English speakers, which make it effortless for them to learn. German is also l closely related to English, so it is considered as one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers. If you learn German, it will be much easier for you to learn Dutch or some other Germanic languages.

Chineesh the hardest language to learn
Chinese is the hardest language to learn for Americans and other English speakers.  It is harder than Hindi, Green, Russian or any other languages that have dozens of symbols. Even the Chinese people will agree that their language is hard to learn. Chinese writing system is beautiful yet complex. They are intriguing and are difficult to differentiate. Another problem is that the writing system is not very phonetic. If you are attracted to Chinese language and want to learn it, you can first try to learn Korean or Japanese. Japanese or Korean is the easiest language to learn the hardest Chinese.

Benefits of Learning the Easiest Languages to Learn
Learning some of the easiest languages to learn can help you communicate in different tongues. It helps to increase the number of job opportunities and offers excellent experiences that most people will never experience.  Learn some of the easiest languages to learn like Spanish, French or German, so that you can visit that country confidently and speak with the locals in their language. this helps you to immerse in the culture and embrace the beauty of the country completely. Learning any hardest language to learn like Chinese can help you get business in the fast growing China market. In recent times, China has become one of the most famous centers of outsourced American services. Chinese is spoken by millions of people all over the word. Learning the language can help you enter the Chinese market and promote your product or service to more than one billion people living there.

Nowadays, computer has been playing a crucial role in businesses. Learning some programming languages can help you grow and expand your business and enjoy more fun. Python is the easiest programming language to learn. Once you are thorough with Python, you can move to other languages like C and C++.

Whether you are looking for ways to get new markets overseas or want to get a highly rewarding career, learning a new language and a programming language can be of great use. The languages that are similar to your mother tongue and suit your passion and interest are the easiest languages to learn, so choosing any of them can help you learn it effortlessly and get the best learning experience.





Follow Obama to learn English

Follow Obama to learn English
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Language Lovers

Language Lovers
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Learning basic Korean can give your tour a boost

Learning basic Korean can give your tour a boost
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