So how exactly does one do an unthinkable task? The correct answer is, The answer is step by step. Make your one big goal into a few smaller goals. Your specific steps may be just accomplishing one thing a day and slowly building up. And when you have completed all your tasks, you find that you have accomplished your whole large task. This method goes the same way with the best ways to lose weight. Here is a way to tackle the daunting task of losing weight.

Step 1. Run hills repeatedly. This will mean that you should run halfway up then  down while maintaining the same pace. Do this two or three times. Before doing this, you should warm up for 30 minutes.

Step 2. Run intervals.. This can be quite important because you can burn more calories by running faster. Try sprinting for 20 seconds and then slow down to a nice jog for 10 seconds.

Step 3. Drink more water. This could mean that you need to cut back on other beverages and make way for water. You may find that you need to pee more but that's okay. This is a sign that your body is releasing excess water that it is retaining.

Step 4. Do not skip meals. This will probably involve eating several smaller meals a day if you're not used to eating all your meals.

Step 5. Don't eat after 8:00pm. Among the important points to keep in mind here is that after 8:00pm, unless you're working night shift, you're probably winding down for bed where all the calories you eat will be stored away later.. The reason that this may make a difference is most people eat when they are bored or just passing time. If you feel like you really need to snack, find something healthy like fruits, vegetables or peanuts..

Step 6. Don't confuse hunger with thirst. Try drinking a few glasses of water before you decide to have a meal. .

Step 7. Brush your teeth after you eat to stop your appetite from working. This will reduce the feeling that you need to eat more.. Great! Now you're on your way to accomplishing what you set out to do. Weight loss is the goal but do it the healthy way. Always consult your doctor before doing any exercise or diet changes..

When you follow the steps outlined above, over time the daunting task of the challenge you faced will become your new lifestyle and forever taken care of. You'll get to your goal weight eventually, succeed and then take pleasure in the benefits and fruits of accomplishment and victory!