Great Sound Recording Software Free Download(s)!

A Review of The Top Free Sound Recording Software Programs Online...

If you're like many singers, muscians and people wanting to record your vocals for either music or need to find sound recorder software to create a useful program like a podcast for your business, then you've probably struggled finding a good, simple to use sound recording software for little or no expense.

I spent the best part of two months researching, downloading, and weighing up my ideal solution for my own sound recording studio to achieve professional sound. And the digital sound recording solution I chose in the end was a free one, it was quite a few hundred dollars.

Saying the above, what I did find along the way was a lot of excellent sound recording software free downloads that would do the job for the great majority (as I was looking for a very specific outcome that needed a paid for solution).

Below is a list of some of the best and easiest to use and very clever sound editing and music editing software that I found during my research. I've gone through a great many YouTube video tutorials also and found the best there are for these free music editing software programs, so hopefully this will save you plenty of learning time.

The first free sound recording software program - Audacity!

This has become the king of free digital audio and voice recording software for podcasters, musicians and singers as well as video sound editing enthusiasts to achieve those special effects.

It is a sound editing platform that has all the standard sound editing and vocal recording tools you might expect, and these are covered very well in the support materials. However there are some great video tutorials that really helped me, which I've embedded below to help you also...

Audacity Sound Editing Software - Tutorial Part 1

Audacity Voice Recording Software - Tutorial Part 2

The second free vocal and sound recording software - Free Audio Editor

I discovered the Free Audio Editor 2012 version and was very impressed by it's flexibility and in particular it's unique ability to convert text to speech, which is extremely kewl if you don't like speaking or recording your voice in presentations.

And while it's always better to try and get over your nerves when recording a business presentation, or online video, spoken audio file, this little feature was quite good.

It also has some other unique audio recording and conversion modalities to it, where you can record from music casette for example, and vinly LP's or videos, so that you can digitally preserve your old audios that will eventually wear out.

On top of this you have the standard audio editing software and a full set of professional audio mixing features that make it a great piece of free audio editing software to use "in sync" with Audacity to gain some very unique work (and their real time audio effect preview is extremely useful).

There is quite a number of videos on the Free Audio Editor in YouTube and on their website if you Google up "Free Audio Editor" you'll find it and the same for searching for their channel in YouTube which I believe is "FAEDistribution", however I've added two of their best tutorials below.

Free Audio Editor Software Video 1 - How to Add Text To Speech

Free Audio Editor Software Video 2 - How To Change Vocal Pitch & Speed

Third Free Video Editing Software - Xrecode

I also found a really excellent free audio editor for Windows which converts different audio formats easily, the name of this free audio conversion software is "Xrecode" and it's just a plain and simple little audio conversion tool to use, below is a video on how to use it...

The Final (And most advanced) music editing software for free - Wavosaur

I really like Wavosaur and it come very close to nearly being my free music editor of choice (I finally ended up choosing a well known paid solution Cubase 6 and it's many plugins adapted specifically to achieve certain sounds I was after).

Basically, what Wavosaur does is do advanced audio recording and vocals recording, and you can manipulate the audio wave forms to do some pretty amazing things. Once again, I think you could use this program along side the others to create some specific modifications and then bring them into the others sound editing softwares you can download for free.

Below is a video of Wavosaur free sound editing software

What's really REALLY kewl about this software is you can plugin what's called a VST (Vocal System Technology) to autotune your vocals in the Wavosaur program. Now this kind of technology is only normally found very expensive vocal editing softwares like Cubase 6 and Logic Pro's Autodyne, both of these softwares are in the hundreds of dollars range, compared to this plugin for Wavosaur which is known as "GSnap".

If you Google "Gsnap autotune" you will find it and it's file size is really small at only 160k in size, there's also an online manual there and screenshots, but I've gone a step ahead and found this YouTube tutorial which will show you how to install it and also how to use it and some of the thousands of effects that it comes with.

Here's the video of GSnap Autotune free software

So there you have it, a comprehensive review on what I consider to be the best line up of free audio editing software, I sincerely hope it helps you in your search for the best and simplest to use sound recording software free download(s).