Note that this article is about two of the easiest ways to lose weight and body fat fast. It should be common sense that a strict diet and intense exercise would produce dramatic results but obviously require a lot more effort. These tips are intended to produce the best results with the least amount of effort.


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Drink More Water!

This first trick to losing weight and body fat is not only under utilized but also very underestimated.

When your body is even a little bit dehydrated all of your its functions start to slow down, begining with your metabolism. The reason for this is the higher your metabolism is the more water you are using every second.

Our bodies are made up of over 60% water! If you lose even a fraction of that number the first thing to slow down is your metabolism in order to use less water!

Many people think they are getting plenty of water from juice drinks, soda and other drinks they may prefer but this simply isn't true!

Recent studies show that most people fall short of recommendations to drink eight 8-ounces servings a day. Although nearly 75% of Americans are aware of the recommendation, only 30% actually drink this amount, while 10% said they do not drink water at all. However, Americans drink an average of 6 servings a day of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and soda! These drinks can actually cause the body to lose water, making proper hydration even more difficult to attain. 

You are not hydrating yourself and are actually doing the opposite whenever you consume these types of drinks, which is slowing down your metabolism and the rate at which you burn fat!

It is well known that anything you eat  or drink boosts your metabolism because your body burns calories to digest food. While most foods and drinks contain more than enough calories to cover their digestion requirements water has 0 calories! So every time you drink a glass of water you are literally burning calories with no effort! How many overweight people do you know that drink water everyday? Probably not many! Now ask yourself how many fit people do you see drinking water everyday? ALL OF THEM!

Drinking water helps your waistline in other ways, too. Drinking enough water every day helps boost the immune system and helps to keep you looking young, but it can also help in your quest to lose weight. That's because many people confuse dehydration with hunger, causing them to eat more when all their body is craving is a tall glass of water.

In several studies of weight loss in overweight adults, those who drank water before eating a meal regularly consumed fewer calories and saw improved weight loss results.  The next time you feel like snacking, have a glass of water first to see how hungry you feel afterward. And when you sit down at a restaurant, make sure you drink a glass of water before ordering those deep-fried appetizers. Drinking enough H2O is an easy way to help your belly feel satisfied without overeating.

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   -Drink It Cold! Drink cold water to speed your metabolism. In a study on water-induced thermogenesis (your body temperature increases when eat), researchers found that drinking water caused an increase in energy expenditure(burned calories) in both men and women, likely caused by the body’s efforts to warm the water to body temperature.


But I Hate Drinking Water Ugghhh...

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The first thing most people say when I tell them to drink more water to lose weight is "I cant drink plain water all day" or "Ugghh my tap water taste like it comes from a pool". If you have a problem drinking pure water you can use 0 calorie flavored additives such as MIO, a 0 calorie sugar free water "enhancer", or even Koolaid without the sugar.

Many people have a hard time switching over to drinking pure water. An easy method is to just add one extra glass every day until you are up to the recommended 8 cups a day.


Benefits of Drinking More Water

  • Feel fuller and eat less
  • Increase metabolism all day
  • Flush out unwanted fats
  • Better general health
  • Improves digestion and helps remove undigested foods


Take A Hike!

The second easiest way to burn fat and lose weight quickly isn't quite as convenient as the first but is still easy and very effective. Walk! Yes its that simple but just like drinking plenty of water most people never do it enough, especially those that are overweight. A Center for Disease Control study found that almost 40% of all Americans had not walked for 10 straight minutes in the past week! WOW! And we wonder why so many people are overweight in America.

Another similar study led by Gregg Furie of Yale Medical School showed that less than 25% of people walked or biked as a means to get from one place to another for more than 10 minutes in a given week. And yet, Furie's study found that people who engaged in "active transportation", had lower body fat, smaller waists, lower odds of hypertension, diabetes and generally better health.

Walking and weight loss go hand in hand. Consider all the people in search of a lean, healthy look who have gone on countless diets and lost loads of fat only to gain it back again! Here's why -- The body maintains a delicate balance between the calories taken in as food and those burned up as "fuel." For instance, consuming 2,000 calories of food in a day and burning up 2,000 calories by eating, walking, and performing other activities results in neither weight loss nor weight gain. However, if there are any calories left over -- if, for example, you take in 2,000 calories and burn only 1,500, the excess calories are stored as fat. Storing 3,500 of these extra calories gives you 1 pound of fat. To lose weight, you must use more calories than you consume, typically by eating fewer calories, exercising, or, as the experts advise, by combining the two.

   -You cant just starve yourself! When you diet without exercising, your body reacts as if it were being starved, by lowering its metabolic rate. In other words, your body burns less calories in order to maintain the weight because it enters starvation mode.

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To Be Fair...

 To be fair with our hectic schedules and busy lives who has the time to take a walk? When people are working long hours, it's hard to stomach the idea of spending an extra 30 minutes walking yourself home or down the street instead of hopping in the car. To add to the inconvenience many places are not safe to walk, for one reason or another, and still more are just unpleasant. To bypass this obstacle try and find a park or community trail nearby. Not only does this make walking more fun but walking in nature is a great stress reliever. 


Benefits of Walking

  • Burn more calories and increased metabolism
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower tension in the hips and lower back caused by sitting for long periods
  • Increased cardiovascular health
  • Fresh air!


It's So EASY...

So there it is, the two easiest yet effective tips for losing weight and body fat! They are so easy you now have no excuse to not pursue your weight loss goals. Take the dog for a walk or invite the kids for a family stroll. You wont regret it!

Grab a glass of ice cold water and take a walk!








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