Gold jewelries are very precious ornamental items which enhances one's beauty at an extra level. Sometimes when you are wearing gold jewelries on regular basis or even on certain occasions, then you might see that your gold jewelries are either getting dull or damaged. These are some of the easy and quick steps that you can follow to clean your gold jewelry at home.

Gold jewelry can get dull because of many reasons, such as your body oil, moisturizers, powders, perfumes, bleach, chlorine, various chemicals, or soaps. All these things can start building up slowly on your gold jewelry and can make it dirty and dull over time. There are many resources that you can find at home or from outside to easily clean your gold jewelry at home very quickly. Some of the items that you can find at home are dish washing soap, ammonia, toothpaste, baking powder, bleach. The items that you might have to buy or order online from the outside are sonic jewelry cleaner, jewelry cleaning liquids, jewelry polishing cloth or polishing liquid, ultrasonic machine, and gold jewelry cleaner kit. These are the procedures that you can use at your home and easily clean gold jewelry at home.

· Dish washing Soap

In one bowl, add 1 tablespoon of mild dishwashing soap. Add 1 1/2 cup of warm water. Mix it. Add gold jewelry and let it soak for 15 -20 minutes. Rinse it under warm running water. Dry it with cotton or very smooth cloth. If you still see the dirt, get one toothbrush which has soft bristle. Gently brush on jewelry and make sure that you don't use any pressure. Otherwise, your precious jewelry can get scratch. Rinse your gold jewelry thoroughly with warm water. Let it dry on cotton cloth or soft jewelry cloth. You also have to be careful if your gold jewelry is gold plated or it has pearls or gems on it. Because, putting them in dish washing soap with warm water might affect the gems or pearls which have been glued on the gold jewelry. It might cause them to come out if not glued well. Gold plated jewelry can become dull over time too, so using caution is advisable.

· Ammonia

Get one bowl; add few small drops of ammonia with 4 cups of water. Put gold in the water and ammonia's mixture. Let it soak for about few minutes. Take it out after few minutes and thoroughly rinse it under warm running water. Put it on a cotton cloth or soft jewelry cloth to dry out completely. Don't use this method quite often because that can tarnish your gold jewelry in a long run. If you have gold plated jewelry, it is good idea not to use this method. But, if you use it then soak it for only few seconds with one or two drops of ammonia mixed with water. Rinse it quickly too. With pure gold jewelry, you can keep it for few minutes but not too long.

· Toothpaste and Baking Powder

One can use toothpaste and baking powder to clean gold jewelry. Don't apply these items directly on gold; instead use various other agents while cleaning the gold. For example, use toothpaste by applying small amount on piece of cloth and gently rub on the gold jewelry. You can also find soft bristled toothbrush or jewelry cleaning brush to clean your jewelry. This would help in getting rid of any dirt or particles which have been stuck in to designer jewelry. After cleaning gold, rinse it under warm water and let it dry on piece of cotton cloth. If you are using baking powder, then let the baking powder dissolve in the water. Put your jewelry in to the baking powder for soaking. Take it out rub it with cotton cloth or jewelry cleaning brush. Rinse it and let it dry before storing.

· Jewelry Liquid – Ultrasonic machine – Polishing Cloth

You can find jewelry cleaning liquids, sonic jewelry cleaner, jewelry polishing cloth, ultrasonic machine, and gold jewelry cleaner kit for cleaning your gold jewelry at home. You can buy particular jewelry cleaner, such as white gold cleaner, platinum gold cleaner, gold jewelry cleaner for pearls or gems on it etc. You can use all these jewelry cleaning agents according to the directions given to you. You can either buy all these items at some jewelry stores or can order it online. If your gold jewelry is still dark or dull, then going to your local jeweler would be an ideal choice. They surely would be able to help you for cleaning your gold jewelry.

· Bleach, Chlorine, and Soap

You should stay away from any items at home, like any types of cleaners which has bleach in it. Bleach can cause your gold jewelry get dark and dull. Remove your gold jewelry before making any visit to swimming-pool, because it might have bleach or chlorine in the water. That can tarnish your gold. Always make sure to take off your gold jewelry before taking shower or doing any household work. Because, in a long run that can cause the scum build up on your gold jewelry. It would cause your gold jewelry to look dull and stained.

These are some of the easy and quick steps to take while cleaning your gold jewelry at home. You can use either of these household agents or can specially buy the jewelry cleaners or gold jewelry cleaner kit from outside. If you can follow some of the precautions then you can cherish your gold jewelry for long time.