Suede is one of those style symbols which have been welcomed by people in different forms, like blazers, bags, or boots etc. There are many different types of suede material that are available in the market. If you have spent the time and money on suede items, then follow these basic steps on how to easily clean suede at home.

Generally, people might not buy the suede because first of all they are expensive to buy and secondly they think that it requires good amount of maintenance. That is true that they can be expensive, but it depends on what kind of suede material you buy. You can find some reasonable priced suede too. There are some household items, such as baking soda, vinegar, sand paper, or water that you can use to clean your suede. you can buy some of the suede cleaner, suede rubbing stone, suede stiff brush, suede stain remover, suede protector, or suede cleaning kit directly from the store or online.

Removing Soil, Dirt, or Remaining of Food Particles from Suede

If your suede items have got any kind of soil, dirt, or remaining of food, then you can use suede stiff brush, sand paper, or suede rubbing stone. All these items you can either buy it from the suede clothing stores or order it online. Using suede stiff brush or suede rubbing stone would help in removing any dirt or soil from the suede. It would also help in raising the nap and thus your suede would look newer and cleaner. You can also rub sand paper to remove any particles or remaining of food, just rub it gently. If you are not sure, then try it at hidden area of your suede.

Removing Hard Stain from Suede

You can get stain on your suede for many different reasons. Suede items are very delicate and sensitive material to take care of. These are some of the household items that you can use. First of all, using baking soda to remove stain from the suede can work too. What you have to do is don't directly apply the baking soda on your suede items. Get some baking soda on piece of damp cloth or suede brush and then rub it over the stain. Repeat the process for few times. That would help in removing the stain. You can also use vinegar to remove hard stain from the suede. Use it with the help of cotton cloth. While using any household item, it is good idea to try at hidden area first. Because, every suede material can be different as well as it might react differently then you expect. If it is washable, you can use water with the help of cotton cloth or suede subbing stone.

You can buy suede stain remover or suede cleaners for removing any types of stain from your suede. You might find the directions given on these cleaning items, so make sure to check them before using them. Even, if you are using professional suede stain remover or cleaner, try it at hidden area of suede to stay away from any kind of blot on your suede. Using any of these items more often might result in discoloration or patches on your suede. So, don't over use any of these items.

Washing, Drying, or Dry Cleaning the Suede

Generally, if you have bought the pure suede items, then you can't wash them in washing machine or you can't apply any water to clean it. You have to keep them away from the water because it might cause patches on your suede. To stay away from any kind of water stain, you can buy suede waterproof spray to prevent any water stain in future. You can also get suede water stain remover for suede items. If your suede gets wet, don't put them in dryer or don't use hair-dryer. That would cause color fading or wrinkles which would be hard to remove. But, if you have suede items which are of different type of clothing material which means not leather, then you can wash it. They are washable and you can wash them in washing machine. Before you do that, always make sure to check the manufacture's tag for further guideline about washing and drying. If you don't want to take any risk and if you see that the stains are hard to remove, then make a visit to your local dry cleaners. It is also advisable that you dry clean your suede items in period of two years. It is also based on your usage of the suede too. Giving out your suede for dry cleaning quite often can also cause color fading and patches on your suede.

Suede is a kind of delicate leather and thus it is important to take care of it from the time when you buy. These are some of the easy and quick steps on how to easily clean suede at home at your own convenience.

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