Are you feeling less than enthusiastic about sitting down to write your next Infobarrel? I can sympathise. It is tough to make money writing but once mastered you can make a good extra income using Infobarrel. If you want to at least double your earnings if not more then please read on.

To make the most possible money with Infobarrel you must rank high in the search engines. To do this you need backlinks to your articles here. Finding good sources for backlinks that will boost your Infobarrels can be difficult. However, if you submit to a top articles directory then you can explode your earnings. Sites that are set up to be just like blogs where authors can add quality and non-duplicate content can give you a massive boost in search engine placement. Use the best article directory and write a quality post to submit. Add a keyword specific link or two in the post and point it to your Infobarrel.

This will improve where it stands in the search engine results and will mean you will increase your traffic and therefore your earnings. It is simple to do and this applies to your own sites as well as your Infobarrels. To make more money with Infobarrel you really should be spending more time getting backlinks to them than writing them. You may think that you need to write more and more articles to make more money and of course the more Infobarrels that you have the better. But if they get no traffic they are useless for you and for the Infobarrel team. If you make no money because you get no traffic then the same applies to the owners of this site.

Get quality backlinks and see your earning soar. You should also social bookmark all of your articles once written. This gives you an immediate boost and from my testing it increases their earnings significantly. As well as this when it shows up here on Infobarrel it will have been given page views by the fact that you submitted it using social marker or something similar. When people see a new article has had pageviews then they are more inclined to take a look at it themselves. This creates a positive impression and boosts earnings.

Get some quality backlinks and double (at least) what you are presently earning here on Infobarrel.

NOTE: And as you can see as I have just social bookmarked this page it now has 12 page views in less than a minute. This encourages others to read it and the numbers will then keep going up and up. Shame this article is not to make money from (not directly anyway).