Photoshop may be difficult for some people to figure out. There are many different things you can do within this program such as; cutting and pasting someone into a picture, creating a background or doing simple editing features. This article will show you how to easily edit a photo and will guide you step by step. You will be on your way to getting the red eye out of your photos or helping family and friends edit their pictures. You may even be able to get a job in photography if you keep on practicing.

First open Adobe Photoshop. You can purchase the software at many office stores or at Adobe's website. You can even download a free trial with limited features to test it out before you buy it.

After your program is opened, click file and find the picture that you would like to open. It helps if you have all of your pictures sorted into a specific folder. You will be able to easily access any of your photos that you may want to open rather quickly.

Next, click image, and then adjustments. Here you can change the level and tone of the picture. You can make it lighter or darker depending on how you want it. You can also make the image black and white. Feel free to change the tone of black and white picture you would like. Play around with the red, yellow and blue to get it to the tone of your liking. While some people prefer a more red tone, others prefer a blue or green tone. This choice is completely up to you.

You may want to change the size of the picture as well. This can be done by going to the image tab. You can choose either image or canvas size. By choosing image you can change the whole entire size of the picture. If canvas is chosen, you are cropping the picture and cutting out the background of it. By cutting the background out, you are keeping the same size of a photo for your subject, but minimizing the background so your image can shrink in size. You can also choose the image tab to make your picture larger. Be sure not to make it too large since the pixels may turn out blurry.

After you are done editing; go to file and click save as. Be sure to save it as a picture format. .Jpeg is a popular format. If you do not save your picture as a photo format you may be unable to open it in the program that you want. Most of the time, you can only open up your pictures in a photo editing software. Programs such as word, excel or access will not be able to open up your photo files.

People edit their pictures for many reasons. They may want to make their image smaller, reduce red eye or change the color of their photo. Whatever basic edit you may want to do, you can easily follow these steps. These are just the very basics of editing photos. For more in depth tutorials please refer to my other Photoshop help topics.

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