My back door of my house gets pretty dark at night since lighting was not installed when it was built back in the 50s.  I did not want to start drilling holes in the brick to install wiring and switches, so as I was looking for other ways I came across the solar motion detector light.

I couldn’t believe my luck because this is exactly what I am looking for.  I don’t need a permanent on/off light out there; I just want something that will come on if someone comes to the back door and this way I can see them.

Like any other motion light you can set it and program it to only light up at a certain amount of feet away and height, which means you will not have the light coming on for every insect or nighttime critter that walks by.

I really like the look of this one as I was researching the most power you can get in a flood light that is powered by solar.

My fear up until now is that a solar option would not give off as bright a light as a normal wired in one, but that is not true.  This particular one has 60 bright LEDs lighting the way.  The solar window absorbs and charges the rechargeable battery pack, making this a very strong light considering you don’t need to wire it or plug it in anywhere.

You simply install it where ever you want, you have no wiring restrictions.

I was thinking this would be a great option for part way down the driveway too, not just for intruders but to light my way home at night instead of leaving lights on all over the house or for some extra light over the garage.  You can set it on a timer as to how long you want it left on when it does come on from movement.

Solar Motion Detector LightCredit:
Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light
Amazon Price: $33.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 13, 2016)
Easy to install without any electrical work or renovation.

It would also be great at a cottage, although if you are in the woods it may go on a lot more with larger wildlife roaming, but still it would give you that sense of security.

Many of these older houses do not  have power abilities outside and it would require a hole to be drilled into the brick or siding and attachment to the indoor electrical system.  If you are handy this may not be a big deal, but if you want something up on the wall quickly that is motion sensitive and powered by the sun, then this light is something to consider.

As long as the solar panel is somewhere where it can absorb light it will keep the battery pack charged and ready for lighting up your space when needed.

I think this would be great for country properties that don’t have street lighting and would be nice to have it come on when you head up the driveway.  It would also work in a power outage as it doesn’t rely on electricity to work. 

A solar motion detector light is an affordable way to light up any dark corner or path in your yard.

Solar technology has come a long way.  You can now get these security lights as described above and you can also use this same technology to add enjoyment to your yard.  I found garden stakes with fiber optic solar lights that would add colour and light to your dark garden too.  

So, take a look at all the latest in solar options on the market, you do not need to get into expensive renovations to enjoy good lighting.