Terminal 1 of Barcelona AirportCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:T1_Barcelona_Interior.jpg

Only 15 kilometers away from Barcelona, the airport of Barcelona, ‘El Prat,’ has lots of flocking tourists who wish to go to the incredible Iberian Peninsula. Surely, this is truly a paradise. Most tourists from throughout the world will spend great summer holidays in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

What makes this city stands out is its easy access from several countries in the world and cities in Spain. Visiting Barcelona can be done whenever you want. When you decide to visit Barcelona, you can find abundant choices of travel packages throughout the year. Spain is one of the most destination countries in the world and you can easily fly to that lovely country easily as there are lots of flights available.

Before visiting Spain, you must know how you can go to some cities there. The Barcelona’s airport, El Prat, have lots of means of transportation for tourists to go to several cities. They are including taxi, bus, and train as well as rental cars.

Taking trains can be a great experience. You would love to have trips by taking this transportation as you can also visit other cities in fast way. Check out the system of the train operational hours by looking out to the signs which are available inside the train station. Trains in Barcelona have some destinations including Plaza Cataluña, Arc de Triomp, Mataro Line and other destinations. However, taking trips by train is limited. It is only operating from 6:00 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For another interesting option, you can take a trip by bus. Known as Aerobus, it will take passengers from all terminals directly to Plaza Cataluña. Make sure you take big blue buses in which you can find outside the terminals and you should notice that they departure every 8 minutes. Price of tickets is very affordable. In less than 4 Euro, you can take bus to go to several destinations you want.

For a more convenient trip, renting a car can be a good option. You can choose this alternative when you have lots of money for renting since it may cost more than taking a bus or train. It can be more expensive than taking taxis as well. But it is for those who have only short business trips in which you can go to some destinations you need in very fast way. But if you and your family members don’t want to waste time waiting for bus and trains to travel around, taking rental cars are worth trying. You can choose any place you want to visit.

Taxi is the best option for those who wish to go certain destination in rapid way. It only takes less than half an hour to go downtown from Terminals and you surely can enjoy the enchanting views of Barcelona. Prices are not expensive either in which it may only cost 16 to 20 Euros. Yet, there is still another option for having a comfortable trip. Minibus services are available for those who want to enjoy the whole city of Barcelona. They can be hired for about four hours and you can choose whether you want to have guide service or not.