AAH Easter, when Spring returns and the Lent season ends. What's not to love about this gentle and hopeful holiday? You can buy all sorts of interesting candy that is not available at other times of year. One of my favorites is the Cadbury easter egg. This lovely confection is made of chocolate in the shape of an egg. The foil wrapping is pretty easter pastel colors. The middle of the egg is sweet and sugary and made to look yellow like a yolk. In the last few years Cadbury has come out with different flavors for these eggs. If you've never tried one I encourage you to get one! Another candy you can find only this time of year is chocolate rabbits. Kids love them. They are usually plain, cheap chocolate, some of them aren't even solid chocolate. If you really want to get something nice for the season try See's candies, or even better rich Godiva chocolate. It's more expensive by the pound, but you don't need a pound. It's so rich half a pound will do. What ever you bring home you'll end up eating, so think about how much you want around the house. If you have relatives, female ones, who demur and want to avoid chocolate you can still brighten their day by bringing them Easter flowers. You can go on the internet to Flowers.com and have them delivered, or stop by your local florist and pick out the flowers yourself. If you are lucky enough to live in Hawai'i you can get a lei made. What a nice thing to wear to church on Easter Sunday! Speaking of Easter Sunday, not a few Christians attend church only on two days a year: Christmas and Easter. Of the two, Easter is so much nicer and low key. You don't have to get any more wrapped up in the gift giving than you want to. People don't freak out like they do over Christmas. Honestly, it's kind of crass the way Christmas has gone so mass market. One wishes the capitalist holiday might be celebrated on a slightly different date than the Holy Day. Easter marks the end of Lent. If you were not aware of Lent, it's a fabulous chance to give something up. You can give up a food you like in the spirit of sacrifice. (You can give up a food you don't like, if you don't want to try to hard.) Or you can up the ante and give up a behavior. Like how about you give up nagging for a season, or whining? You may find you don't even miss it by the end of the season. Several years ago I gave up having the last word. I find I don't even care anymore. It was the most freeing thing to give up. Another year I gave up having to be right. You know what? Once we have more information, we are entitled to change our minds!