Easter is considered to be the best feast day in the calendar of every Christian because it honors Jesus Christ’s resurrection, so what is Easter 2012 date? Just to inform everyone, the Easter 2012 date will be on April 8, 2012 (Sunday).

This holiest day of Christian celebration is in fact for the Western Church. As for the Eastern Orthodox Church, their Easter 2012 date is going to be on April 15, 2012. So in 2012 the dates will differ with one week between these 2 main celebration of the same event.

                                                                                             Easter 2012 Date for
                                                 Easter 2012 Date  Eastern Orthodox Christians

  Clean Monday
February 27
Maundy Thursday
April 5


Good Friday
April 6


Holy Saturday
April 7
Lazarus Saturday
April 7
Easter Sunday
April 8
Palm Sunday
April 8
Easter Monday
April 9



Holy Friday - April 13

Easter Sunday/Pascha
April 15
Ascension – May 17

Ascension – May 24
Pentecost – May 27  
  Pentecost – June 3

Easter 2012 Date and Easter Celebrations

With Easter 2012 date come the practices that people observe as well. This well-known and joyous festival that is celebrated every year in a lot of countries as a non-working holiday. Similar to other festivities, this one is commemorated in a remarkable diversity of ways in accordance to the religious values and principles of people. Being able to find out what the Easter 2012 date is, churches will surely get ready to mark and pay tribute to the glory and power of our Lord’s resurrection.

Easter 2012 Date – Flowers and Gift Baskets to Give

A lot of people never fail to give presents at this time of the year. If you are thinking of what to give to the children, you can fill their gift baskets with cute and cuddly toys. Little girls will truly appreciate stuffed toys that they can bring along as they go Easter egg hunting, whereas little boys can have something that will motivate them to have fun outdoors and at the same time obtain some workouts.

Furthermore, Easter gift baskets can likewise be filled with stuff to eat such as cranberries, nuts, fruits or raisins. A nutritious muesli bar or chocolate chips can also be added for an extraordinary treat.

And of course, as the holiday draws near, people start to make arrangements with florists to make sure that they have something to give to their loved ones. Fresh flowers are always in demand during Easter, and regardless of its kind, giving your friends and family gorgeous-looking flowers at this time of the year will surely touch their heart in a way you can never imagine. Your gift does not have to be costly for it to be appreciated; what matters most is your effort, sincerity and thoughtfulness to make your present the most cherished and remembered one ever.

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