Easter, in most people’s minds, is the time for finding Easter eggs and getting candy.  However, these days, most parents are trying to limit the amount of candy their children eat.  How about coming up with some new traditions and new Easter basket ideas?

If you have very small children, this is the best time to do it.  If you have been giving your 10-year-old huge baskets of candy for the last 10 years, he may throw a fit when he gets only a couple of pieces this year.  It is still worth doing, but be prepared.  If we start a habit when they are small, they will not know the difference and they can continue the habit when they have children.

Family Time

Give your child a small Easter gift basket with candy and put in the basket a set of tickets for the family to go to the movies.  Let it be the child’s choice which movie you will see.  Make the holiday be a time that the family puts aside all distractions and spends time together.  You can pick things besides the movies.  Maybe the child has wanted to go to an amusement park and you have been putting it off.  Maybe you saw a new merry-go-round near work, but have been saying you should take your daughter, but have never found the time.  Do it on or for Easter.

How about building a model?  Is your son into airplanes?  Has your daughter wanted a new doll house?  Build something together as a family.  Yes, one, or both, of the parents may end up bored stiff, but this is for the child, and they will not remember you being bored, only the fun they had.

Pamper Time

Give your child an experience before her time.  How about taking your daughter to get her nails done?  Have you wanted to take her to get her nails done, but thought she was too young?  Maybe she has seen you getting yours done, and wants to do hers, too.  Make it clear to her that this is a onetime thing, a present, but she gets to have it done today.  She will be thrilled, you will get to share it with her, and she will be telling her friends about it for months.

Has your son wanted to drive a car or ride a motor cycle?  Set it up, safely, and give him a chance.  The Easter gift basket will only last a few days, but the memory of the driving a car will last a long time.

You can make almost anything a gift here.  The idea is to make this a special family time, or a special time for the child.  Making the Easter gift basket more family or personal will re-enforce the idea of family with your child. It will help to downplay the idea of a holiday being about “What can I get?”  The point of these holidays should be the family, not getting sick off of candy and who received the biggest present.  Easter basket ideas will flood into your mind with a shift of thinking.