Easter Basket Themes

Easter basket themes are a fun way to gather together gifts and items that kids will love in a creative way. Easter gift ideas tend to be a bit harder to think of, you don't want to overspend but still want a cute little basket full of goodies for your little ones. Easter basket themes allow you to narrow down your ideas, buy specific gifts that each child will like, and create original baskets that hold everything your child loves. So if you are looking for something a little different this Easter when it comes to gifts here are a few ideas for Easter Basket themes for kids, tweens, and teens.

Younger Children:

For younger kids it's always fun to make Easter baskets filled with gifts surrounding their favorite characters. You could do this with almost any character as long as you know you could find enough gifts and items that compliment that theme. Here are a few really cute, popular ideas:

Hello Kitty Theme- This is a favorite among little girls. This Easter basket theme turns out so cute. You could start with a Hello Kitty stuffed animal and then add all kinds of Hello Kitty gifts. Sanrio stores will most likely be your best bet as 80% of the store is Hello Kitty items. Target's dollar section is another great place to find Hello kitty gifts, they have had everything from socks and hair bows to pencils and notepads.

Disney Theme- Like the Hello Kitty theme this Easter basket can be filled with all things princess. The great thing about Disney princess gifts is you can find them really inexpensive at the dollar sore. Target also, almost always, has little Disney gifts in their dollar section. You could add a Disney princess movie, Pj's, and even a Disney princess doll to add to the smaller gift ideas. You could even narrow it down to your little ones favorite princess, either way this basket always turns out to be really cute.

Cars Theme- Little boys will love this Easter basket theme. As with most Disney items you can finds Cars gifts almost everywhere and you have so many gift options. From Cars toys to clothes you cant go wrong. You could also include a Cars coloring book, flashlight, and even a cars lunchbox or water bottle. Again Disney items can be found at your local dollar store and Target. Also, if you have a Disney store close to you that is one of the best places to find gifts and they usually have sales so you don't end up paying a lot.

Bubble Basket- Little kids love this Easter basket theme, it's a lot of fun. Fill their basket with all shapes and sizes of bubbles and bubble makers. From the tiny ones to the sticks that make the life size bubbles. You can even add those little guns that shoot out hundreds of bubbles at a time. Throw in a few other items, candy, and maybe a little Easter book and your all set.

Fire Truck Theme- This could actually work with Hot Wheels, trains, airplanes, whatever your little boys loves. The Easter basket could have toy trucks, books about trucks, clothes with trucks, etc…

Tweens/ Teens:

Spa Theme- This Easter basket theme is really fun for girls. You could add a Gift card for a local Spa, manicure, or pedicure. To make it cute and fill it up add fun little things like nail polish, their favorite lotions, cute nail filing boards, soundscape CD, anything girly, relaxing, and fun!

Electronic Music Theme- You teen or tween will love this Easter basket theme because it's filled with all the things they love at this age. You could add an Ipod (or any mp3 player), itunes card, charger, cover case. I love this idea and I'm sure your teen or tween will also!

Movie Theme- This is a great Easter basket theme that will go over great with almost any age child who enjoys movies. You could add Dvd's, movie tickets, candy, and popcorn!

Hanna Montana Theme- If your little ones loves Hanna Montana then they are sure to love an Easter basket filled with all things Hannah Montana. You could fill it with Hanna Montana water bottles, lip gloss, folders, even her new CD.

Twlight Theme- This Easter if your tween or teen has fallen in love with Twlight they might love a basket filled with Twlight goodies. Twlight gifts are everywhere, from folders and pencils to Pj's and towels.

Baking Theme: If you tween or teen loves to bake than this is a great Easter basket theme. You could find a few baking cook books, get a cute recipe book that they can write and keep their own recipes in, and then all kinds of baking items like cookie mix, spatula's, measuring spoons, a personalized apron, etc…

All Ages:

Beach Theme-This is one of my favorite Easter basket themes. I love it because it fits the season. Fill the basket with a new swim suit, beach towel, shovels, sand sifters, sand castle molds, anything that they would use at the beach. You can usually find beach sets that come in a beach bucket so I usually take all the toys out, fill it with Easter straw and then put the toys back in with candy and other little items in addition to the Easter basket.

Pool Theme- This is similar to the beach Easter basket theme only instead of buckets and shovels you could add little goggles, diving toys, pool rafts, inflatable beach balls, things they would use at the pool.

Sports Theme- If your little one plays sports this is a great time to stock them up for the sports of the season. You could fill their Easter basket with cleats, baseball gloves, shin guards, water bottles, etc…

A few other ideas for Easter basket themes: Books, animals, Littlest Pet Shop, beauty, scrapbook items, Build-a-Bear, gardening; the options are really endless! Please feel free to share any ideas you have used in the comments section, I'd love to hear them! As long as the theme surrounds things your child loves the Easter basket is sure to turn out great. If you are looking to create a traditional Easter basket and need a few gift idea check out: 100 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids, Tweens, and Teens!