Children love to see the Easter-Bunny and hope he will bring them some wonderful chocolate eggs.It is often the build up to Easter that is more fascinating.Make this one more enjoyable by encouraging your kids to color in some beautiful pictures.Then they could give to the family members especially their grandparents who will love something they have done for them.




At the same time you can also explain to them the true meaning of Easter. So many children and even parents forget why they are having these holidays. Tell them how Jesus died and then rose again on the third day and that this day was a Sunday and that's how we got the Easter Bunny arriving on that day.




It is a good way of increasing their knowledge of Christianity in a more informal and fun way. Easter is celebrated every year towards the end of March and the beginning of April.




There are many things we can do to prepare for this wonderful time.We could encourage our children to make gifts themselves to give to other less fortunate children.So they can enjoy this time as well.Hospitals are not a nice place to spend Easter holidays at this time of year either. Maybe you could print up a few nice little pictures, and then if you were to take these pictures to the administration section at the hospital they could hand them out to the children to color in.




It would be more festive and give them something else to think about other than their medical problems. Hospitals are not the best places to be, especially Easter as everyone else is eating chocolates and they cannot.





There are many internet sites where you can download these beautiful pictures of Easter Bunnies, chocolate eggs, little chickens, Easter lilies and many more great animals and caricatures for Easter.


There are manylinks that you can go to and download these pictures and many more for the kids to color in.


This link is for a kids Activity page to do online




To learn how to make some crochet Easter Bunnies or Easter baskets then check this link out.