Easter Bunny(83554)
Credit: irishcentral.com

It’s almost Easter time again.  The kids are going to be so excited about the Easter Bunny.  Here are some crafts for them to do to prep for the Easter Bunny.  

The Hiding Easter Bunny:
What you will need:

Popsicle craft stick

Picture of Bunny


Paper cup

Crayons or markers

Go online and print out a small coloring page of a Bunny.  Let your child color the picture and the paper cup.   Cut a small slit in the bottom of the cup. Tape the Easter bunny to the popsicle stick and put the stick into the cup through the slit in the bottom.  Then your child can make the bunny appear and disappear.

A Giant Easter Egg:
What you will need:

1 Piece of white cardstock

Various Ribbons

Markers and Crayons



Cut a big oval out of cardstock to make your egg.  Use the various strips of ribbon to make lines on your egg.  Let your child color with markers and crayons. Decorate with Easter Stickers.

Bunny Ears:
What you will need:

Pink and White Cardstock


Glue Stick

Cut two 3” wide strips of white cardstock and tape them together.  Then, cut two big ovals out of white cardstock.  Cut two medium ovals out of pink cardstock that will fit onto the white ovals.  Glue the pink ovals onto the white ovals. Glue the white ovals on the strips that you taped together and now you have a bunny ears hat.  

Foam Easter Bunny:

What you will need:

1 white foam piece

1 pink foam piece

1 any color foam piece (whatever color you want your bunny to be)

Googly eyes

1 pink pom pom

Pink marker


Cut an oval for your bunny’s face.  Then with the white foam piece cut 6 very thin strips for the bunny’s whiskers.  Put on the googly eyes and the pom pom for the nose.  Glue three of the whiskers on each side of the nose. Use the pink marker to draw the bunny’s mouth.  Use the rest of the white foam to cut two 5 inch ovals to be the outside of the bunny’s ears.  Use the pink foam to cut two 3 inch ovals for the inside of the bunny’s ears. Glue the inside of the ears to the outside of the ears.  Glue the ears to the bunny’s face.

Easter Bunny Surprise:
What you will need:

Tootsie or Bubble Gum Pops

5” square pieces of cloth

Small pieces of ribbon

Googly Eyes

Small pink Pom Poms


White and Pink foam pieces

Wrap 5” square cloth around tootsie pop.  Secure with the small ribbon.  Glue googly eyes and pink pom poms for the nose.  Cut three inch ovals out of white foam piece.  Glue 1.5” ovals out of pink foam piece.  Glue the pink ovals onto the white ovals.  Glue the ovals onto the head for bunny ears.  Let it dry and now you have a little Easter treat for the kids.

So make a trip to the craft store and start making some Easter crafts today.  The kids will love participating in something new and you will benefit from a new way to keep the kids busy during those cold winter months.