Cheap and Easy Easter Decoration Ideas for Inside and Outside the Home: 

Easter bunny next to an easter egg

Decals and Appliques

Window and other surface clings are and easy and surprisingly cheap way to give your home the Holiday feel. These can be found in an assortment of designs such as religious crosses, easter eggs, easter bunnies and cute little chicks as well as many others shapes and designs in Easter colors. These decorations are simple to use as they will often stick or cling rather (no adhesive) to many hard smooth surfaces such as windows, walls, metal or glass doors, fridges and similar surfaces.

For more selection these can also be found in materials such as cardstock that can hung up with the use of tacks or adhesive strips.


Baskets Make Easy Easter Decoration Ideas

Decorative baskets for Easter decoration

Wicker baskets can be found cheap at a lot thrift stores and craft stores. These baskets can be decorated and placed around the home. Consider filling these baskets with colored easter grass and placing multi-colored plastic eggs neatly on top of the grass. If you have any bunny statues or knick knacks these go cute when placed near the basket decorations. 

Another cute little basket decoration requires; small metal or wicker baskets or pails (preferably in Easter pastels, wood color or white), decorative grass, ribbon and clear cellophane wrap. Simply place the colored grass inside the  baskets so that it slightly sticks above the rim. Next wrap the cellophane up around the basket and secure it at the top with a small strip of colored ribbon. An additional suggestion would be to add a decorative easter egg or other themed item inside the basket (on top of the grass) before covering in cellophane wrap. 

If using a larger basket these can even be placed outside of your front door to give the outside of your home a little Easter love. 


Paintable Easter Statues and KnickKnacks

Statue of an easter bunny

Many craft stores will carry do it yourself statues, knickknacks or wall art kits. These kits often contain wood, ceramic or clay like bases that feature an array of fun designs that can be painted or colored to create your own personalized easter decorations. These kits are extremely fun to get the whole family involved in and the decorations can be used year after year. Also keep an eye out at the craft stores for paving stone kits that allow you to design paving stones that can be used in your yard or garden to help decorate the outside.  


Easy Printable Easter Decoration Ideas

Handmade Easter paintings or design

If you have a simple paint program on your computer you can create extremely cute and fun printable decorations to display around the home. Start with a cartoon or life like picture(s) of a bunny rabit, baby animal (lamb, sheep, bunny...) and or flowers (tulips, daffodils, lilies) and use the paint feature to create decorative easter eggs or backgrounds for these pictures. 

If you are looking for something more simple you can browse numerous sites online that offer free printable color pages if an Easter theme. A couple of sites that may help are, and Though there are many others to browse through if you don't find what you are looking for at the sites listed above. 


Materials that will Help you Create your Own Homemade Easter Decoration Ideas

There are tons of decorations that can be made with simple arts and craft materials. Though not all projects would require all materials the following are items that can be used for homemade and easy Easter decorations; colored and or plain constuction paper, string (or dental floss), paint, crayons or markers, glue, glitter, sequins, beads, colored easter eggs and themed stencils (bunnies, eggs, grass, chicks, crosses, lilies, tulips and so on). 

Using these materials you can get creative and come up with all kinds of crafty  and easy Easter decoration ideas. The possibilities are nearly endless - you can string together cut out eggs,  rabbits or... and use them to decorate mantles or doorways. You can create cards to display on tables, shelves or walls or simply create elegant or fun pictures to help bring the holiday feel to your home. If you really want an elegant looking yet easy Easter decoration idea try creating these fun hollow hanging easter eggs


More Cheap and Easy Easter Decoration Ideas and Tips

Looking ahead if you visit your local craft and retail stores after Easter often you will find an abundance of cheap clearance items that have an easter theme. These can be any number of items from yard pinwheels, stuffed animals or discount easter baskets. Each of these items can be stowed away to add to next years Easter decorations and you will get them at prices that will be hard to beat. 

For a fun and colorful decoration idea pick up some rolls of pastel colored paper streamers and loosely twist them together to decorate your walls. These look festive when hung high on the wall near the ceiling.