If you celebrate Easter, and are looking to create some of your own decorations, then why not make Easter Egg Wreaths?

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Make Your Own with Plastic Eggs

These are quite easy to make, and are a great family project. The beauty of a wreath, is that you can use them as center pieces as well, with candles in the center. So, it has a few uses, and can be stored away for next year.

Here is what you will need to make this colorful Wreath. (You may want to make a few for yourself and gifts)

What you will Need:

1 x straw wreath from the craft supply store or other discount craft supplies.

Bag of plastic Colorful Easter eggs (depending on the size of them, you may need a lot)

One glue gun with lots of glue stick refills.

Easter straw, you know that colorful shredded paper that gets used in the baskets, quite often purple or yellow for added color.

One long colorful ribbon to hang up your Easter egg wreath.

Good work surface with work table cloth or newspaper on it.

Plug in your glue gun and get it nice and hot. If doing this project with your kids, make sure you do the hot glue part.

Take your length of ribbon, and loop it through the wreath, this will be your hangar.

Once your glue gun is nice and hot, then take your first plastic egg and put a liberal amount of glue on it, and then immediately glue it to the straw wreath. Keep on going, and change up the colors of the plastic eggs, or group them together, your choice. But try and fill in all the blank areas with as many of these plastic eggs as you can. You can used different sized ones for added interest.

Once you have glued on as many as possible (don't forget the sides of the straw wreath), you will see some little holes or where ever the straw wreath is still showing. You can now take your Easter grass or shredded colored paper and glue it in the blank spots for added color.

Now let it all harden up, and now you can safely hang your wreaths (you may want to make a few) on your front door, the kids doors, or give them to Grandma as a great gift idea.

When it comes time for your Easter dinner, you can take the wreath and lay it down flat as a center piece, and fill up the center with nice candles or bowls of more eggs. Then it can be transferred back to the door.

If you wrap this carefully in a bag and place in a cool dry place, it will be ready again for next year.

You can find the plastic eggs at craft stores in bags in different sizes, or you can sometimes find them at the dollar stores. If you really want to add dimension to your project, you could decorate larger plastic eggs, with decoupage and tissue paper or glitter to really make it personalized.

You can get decoupage medium at craft stores to, or you can simply use 2 parts white glue to 1 part water and paint the eggs with the glue mixture and then press glittery tissue paper on it and smooth out the bubbles to really make these Easter egg wreaths your own!

If you like the idea of this craft, but are not into arts and crafts, then you can also buy Easter Egg Wreathsthem online at such places as Amazon

Mini Glitter Egg Wreath - Multicolor (9.0") You can also get good deals online for the craft supplies you will need to make these wreaths, if you don’t happen to have a craft supply store nearby. With the internet now, you can have most craft supplies delivered right to your door. Just allow the time when planning craft projects to have everything you will need.

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