Celebrate spring with Easter games and activities to encourage friends and family members to show their competitive spirit. Whether you're hosting a holiday party or simply need activities to keep your children busy during spring break, devise games for Easter featuring holiday colors and objects that allow players to run, hop and laugh in the warm spring sun.

Egg Haul

Create fun Easter games for kids that allow players to race across the yard or park while cradling plastic or hard-boiled eggs. Divide the group into teams and give the first player from each team six to eight eggs to carry. If a player drops an egg while running across the yard and back, he must start over from the beginning. Players hand the eggs off to the next teammate after crossing the finish line. Award prizes to the first team to complete the race. Make the game more challenging for adults or older children by giving them more eggs to carry.

Egg Toss

Organize a classic egg tosses as fun Easter games for children. Divide the guests into teams of two, give each team a raw egg and ask teammates to stand facing each other. After each team tosses its egg, require one player on each team to take two steps back. Continue the game until only one team has an unbroken egg. If you'd rather not let players handle raw eggs, fill plastic eggs with water or dried beans and let the teams toss those instead.

Bunny Hop Race

Encourage players to mimic the Easter bunny with a race that requires them to hop across the lawn. In the event of a tie, hold a final race and require the players to hop backwards to increase the difficulty. If the children want to continue hopping, modify additional fun Easter games for children, such as letting them play tag with a holiday theme-require the players to hop instead of run.

Bunny Hunt

Provide the opportunity to exercise while searching for prizes with fun Easter games for kids. Divide the players into teams and create a set of clues on a different shade of paper for each team. Hand the "orange" team the first clue that directs them to a spot in the yard where players will find an orange piece of paper with a clue to the second location. Require players to hop from clue to clue until they reach a bag of healthy snacks and Easter-themed toys to share.

Egg Match

Allow players to test memory skills and race against each other with Easter games and activities. Decorate enough egg-shaped pieces of paper so each player will have four "eggs." Cut the eggs in half and place one half of each egg somewhere in the yard. When the Easter game begins, each player must run off and find the four egg halves to complete her set.